Datacide Eighteen reprinted and available again

After being briefly out of print, Datacide Eighteen in available again. Get your copy now, or ,even better, consider taking out a subscription!

Datacide Seventeen reprinted and back in stock

Datacide Seventeen is now back in stock. After a few months out of print this issue has been reprinted.

Main features of this 17th issue of the magazine for noise & politics are Jo Burzynska’s interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti titles Memoirs of a Woman of Extreme Pleasures, Howard Slater’s article on Third Cinema Unparaphraseable Life, as well as the first English translation of Boris Souvarine’s Black October from 1927 about ten years of the Russian Revolution, here reprinted 100 years after the event. Plus many other contributions well worth reading.

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Datacide Fundraising!

The next issue of datacide is in preparation – and again we need to finance printing and mail-outs.
The last issue was mainly financed with the parties at Knochenbox we organized in collaboration with Cagliostro in Berlin. Last year however we only did the release party and one other event which broke even but didn’t contribute to the datacide fund.
Sales do contribute a bit, but cash from single orders and from wholesale is a slow drip, and the latter most of the time is on a SOR basis which often only makes sense to chase up when a new issue is out.
In short: although there is some money in the war chest, we are quite far from our target, and still need to raise a considerable amount for the next issue.

How you can help:
You can donate money via paypal to datacide(at)
If you don’t have or don’t like to use paypal, write to the same address and find out about other options.

You can subscribe to datacide by sending EUR 10.00 (or more) to us for a subscription of 3 issues. Please state which issue you want your subscription to start with. You can include back issues in the subscription, but note that only issues 10 and 11 are still available.
So for example – if you don’t have them yet – you could take out a subscription starting with number 10, so you would receive numbers 10 and 11 immediately and 12 when it comes out.

You can advertise in datacide. If you have anything to sell or to promote, consider putting an ad in the next print edition. Write for our very reasonable rates.
Attention record labels or book publishers: We usually will accept records or books as payment!
Attention zines: we are interested in ad swaps!

You can donate stuff
which we can sell!
Got records, books, anything of interest you don’t want anymore? We set up an ebay account of which all proceeds go towards making the next issue – and more – happen!
If you think you have something for us, let us know.

Datacide can not exist without the solidarity and support of its readers!