Earth – Year 2017 – The Mover (1995)


The death of the undercover agent puts the cops into a dilemma since the murder has eliminated a chain of clues necessary to track down a syndicate that specialises in extreme terror. Charlie X is chosen by inspector Rob to take up the mission and goes undercover by posing as a “hot” gun dealer. Charlie X is introduced to Mover, the leader of the syndicate, and is put through various rigorous tests under surveillance, eventually being accepted into the gang. Attempting to break into the target workshop, MOVER and his gang are ambushed by a strong police force. Being unaware of Charlie X’s identity the police shoot him spraying his abdomen and head with a thousand bullets. In the meantime MOVER and his gang successfully blast their way out of COPTRAP filling a few brains with some hot steel. Welcome to wasteland – meet the MOVER!

AU: Is it true you are making a soundtrack for an expensive sci-fi adventure?
M: Maybe! We have to see how it comes out, I’m half way through that project now and if the production crew is happy with the end result they will use it . That’s all I can tell you.

AU: I presume it has been made in the USA?
M: Yes, but don’t haggle any more, otherwise you know too much!

AU: Do you thrive on anonymity?
M: Well you know I’m a machine, I’m wired up I don’t get good feedback of humans, and anyway, stargazing is for fuckers! I’m roaming the earth and it’s nice and doomy here. The sound of MOVER should speak for itself.

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Intelligence Is No Longer On The Side Of Power (Sadie Plant Interview 1995)

An interview with Sadie Plant
by Matthew Fuller
Published in Alien Underground 0.1, 1995

The Criminal Justice Act is a new law in the UK that massively enlarges the state’s power to deal with a diverse range of threats. From pornographers to travellers, ravers to hunt saboteurs, ramblers to the everyday criminalised, the state is preparing for a panic induced crackdown on all forms of resistance to the law of property and the reign of ‘decency’. Having already seen several large scale riots at demonstrations against the Act, the UK looks set for a widespread period of disturbance which many believe will, at least, end the fifteen years of Tory rule in the same way that resistance to the Poll Tax knocked Thatcher out of government. Politics has vastly changed here. New generations are completely disenfranchised by that of the mainstream, while the so-called revolutionaries continue their backward march to whatever theoretical year zero they’re hallucinating. Meanwhile, new methods of conceiving and realising the organisation of people and materials are being made: at one fractal level, by the very people this bill looks set to attack, and at another, as a wider global range of developments including the changing position of women; new forms of synthetic life; the migration of economic density and the concomitant impotence of ‘Euroman’; an understanding of self-organising systems in all previously discrete areas of science…
One self-declared “ex-human” pulling all these areas together into bundles of words is Sadie Plant whose writing forms, not some cataleptic pondering of these important times, but itself generates a torrential flood of deregulation. Here, sensual wordplay mixes with a synapse wrenching depth of thought that, in the right place, does to control what salt does to a slug. [Read more →]

Reload Interview (1995)

Reload are Mark Ptitchard and Tom Middleton. They also record under other aliases such as: Global Communication, Link, etc. Here the Sentinel talks to Mark Pritchard and tries to find out what he is thinking
ø+ sentinel
π: Pritchard
Interview published in Alien Underground 0.1 (London, spring 1995) [Read more →]

Sähkö Recordings Interview (1994)

Interview with Tommi Grönlund from Sähkö Recordings published in Alien Underground 0.0 in 1994.

In the short time of their existence Sähkö Recordings from Helsinki have made their name in the international underground, and are standing for a sound of electronic minimalism and purity, proving once more that some of the most interesting techno comes from places that are far removed from the hype and scenes of the various ‘techno capitals’.
Also this year they are running a project called Ambient City on local radio featuring material from all over the world, about half being exclusively recorded, the other half being DJ mixes of ‘ambient music’ in the broadest sense of the word, supported by a local radio station and the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art. Walkmen locked to the frequency are available!
We spoke to Tommi, who runs the label, works as an architect and also designs the wonderfully minimalistic covers for the records, when he visited London for a few days recently. After going through the London record shops for those hard to find tunes and after some food at Wong Key we wanted to find out about the artistic background and intentions of Sähkö…

Sähkö: There are 3 guys involved with these records, most important Mika Vainio, he has made numbers 1 and 2, and also the CD, number 6, and he also played the other half of number 3, quite a different record. Then there’s Sami Salo who made number 4.
Mika Vainio is a bit older than I, he’s been into industrial, noisy stuff since the beginning of the eighties. The other guys are much younger, they’ve got a totally different background. Mika is the most important for the label however, his music and philosophy has very much affected myself. [Read more →]

Digital Hardcore Recordings – Alien Underground Questionnaire (1994)

We sent a questionnaire with the same five questions to a few labels. The answers by Digital Hardcore and by Force Inc. were published in Alien Underground in issue 0.0 (1994) and 0.1 (1995) respectively. Here are the answers by DHR, plus reviews of their first three releases by CF [Read more →]

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