>>> What follows is a magical defense system designed for party goers to use in the event of unwanted interference from the forces of law and order>>> Only use in an emergency (you know the score)>>> Begin by drawing a circle on the ground with whatever white powders are at hand>>> Everyone stand inside the circle and together chant the following words of warning>>> “We invoke Hecate three headed destroyer of every duality and Goddess of our violent revelries and all nite speedcore, acid-armed-assault parties”>>> “Oh come infernal one, Bombo, Goddess of the rib wrenching bass line and of the machinedriven mad by dreams of union of the human flesh”>>> “Cast down the defenders of faith, the body snatchers, the sex suppressors and soul breakers”>>> “Goddess, enemy of the day, friend and lover of the darkness, devotee of dirt, sweat and the unclean”>>> “Hecate, we praise thee”>>> End the chant with spontaneous noises, screams, shrieking etc.>>> Inform the guardians of authority that if they attempt to enter the circle they will be destroyed by Hecate in ways too disgusting for them to imagine>>> If the Police refuse your bidding then so shall it be done>>>

from Alien Underground 0.1 (1995)