Support Datacide in Stuttgart July 2nd

Support Datacide!

An den Waggons
Nordbahnhofstrasse 165
Stuttgart 70191

20.00 – Talks by Nemeton and Christoph Fringeli
22.00 – Mir live
Afterwards: Party with Nemeton, Parataxia, Zombieflesheater, Base Force One

(Please note that Baseck had to return to LA and will not attend – but Zombieflesheater will!)

About the Talks:
“From Conspiracy Theories to Assassination: Current Manifestations in the Radical American Right” by Nemeton

Since the election of President Barack Obama, there has been a dramatic expansion of right wing populist and insurgent groups in America. Strategies range from electoral “reform” through “Tea Party-ers” as Republican Party members in state and national congressional houses, to the dispersal of conspiracy theories through “grassroots” and main stream media such as Fox News Network, to varying forms of armed insurgencies such as the Oath Keepers, and assassination attempts against the president by Neo-Nazis. Under examination in this talk is the origins of the Tea Parties in the libertarian politics of Ron Paul and the institutionalization since 2009 of the so-called “Tea Party Movement” within the Republican Party. Further analysis will demonstrate that some fringe right wing movements are directly expressed through the Republican Party. These include conspiracy theory ladened right wing populists such as the “Birthers”, the pronounced anti-immigrant sentiment in Arizona state law 1070 and initiatives to revoke the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the so-called Open Carry Gun movement. This talk builds on the analysis of anti-enlightenment conspiracy theories in the American right from the datacide 10 article “Denial Networks: On Crisis and Continuity in the 9/11 Truth Movement”. This talk is in English.

“From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Industrial” by CF

Based on original research, this talk examines connections of far right activists with post industrial music and subculture, the strategy of disseminating ideas originating in the national-revolutionary and far-right occult circles into youth cultures with the aim of seeping into the mainstream.
A central element of this strategy seems to be to obscure the origins of the political impetus and the direct connections to a largely discredited neo-fascist swamp.
The British scene around bands such as Death In June, Sol Invictus, Fire & Ice and their alleged involvement with the most radical sections of Strasserite splinter groups, Third Positionists and esoteric Racism will be scrutinized and serves as an example for a phenomenon that has become increasingly international and virulent over the last two decades.  This talk is in German.

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