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Star Spores: The Magnetic Timetable


I realise my life has been a training exercise for this very moment, almost as if the universe at large instantaneously arranges its particles in anticipation of future events. The future enters into us through the present’. – R-Tanz

‘Everything in life is vibration’. – Albert Einstein

The starlight travellers beam in from dimensions unseen along lines of light, celestial spaceways – This network of lines extends throughout all the dimensions of matter and beyond into advanced dimensions where space-time and quantity no longer apply – The starlight travellers adjust their frequencies to match local conditions – Inhabit incarnate bodies in the visible spectrum – Find a niche and nest in mediums on varying social strata and shared frequencies – Groups of people share frequencies, not always in immediately apparent ways – ‘Now you see me on a shared coordinate of perception we may communicate’ –

Sometimes the starlight travellers emphasise a narrow remit of available connections and concentrate on a particular planetary situation with great intensity, while at other times they take action in a wider bandwidth of possible connections extending far and wide – From small groups of people acting locally, to individuals and groups who influence and impact on many lives –

Glide down and see the atmospheric conditions from above, clouds and their shadows, an extensive whole of micro-climates and sub-divisions natural and otherwise fitting together – Cells – Forests – Swamps – Ice Ages – Tectonic pressures – Oil – Extraction – Shanty towns – Networks of exploitation and control – Arrangements of commerce, technology, protection and the market – Industrial entrepreneurs – Machinery – Inorganic reproduction manufactured repetition – The Book of Layers – The usual way is to just come to at some point and realise the full scope of possibility and limitations of an entity, its bandwidth and range of perception surroundings existence –

Tall bamboos rustle of leaves – Dusty tracks corrugated dreams rusty outposts – Bamboo huts and walkways lime trees hot air rises in waves you can see – I slip through a knot in the magnetic field around the village, a darting flash of rainbow colours strictly from white light – The blackness of the atomic structure being outside the range of perception here in this gravity well – Strange sounds of other worlds drift over our heads – Rubbing insect wings whirr of who knows what, little flickers of light changing colour that register life of unknown variety, rapid heart rate and high frequency –

Planetary population trapped in time travel always tomorrow yesterday stuck in recordings and schedules – So the interstellar travellers break the lock on the displaced present – Bring people into the moment they actually exist in cut the past off the line just a trap in language extending into predetermined futures – Reconfigure language as a tool for creation – Nothing to defend, fully alive – Doors swing open –

The human body a coordinate point a knot in a web of connections linked beyond our current imagining – Test your skills and distance – I simultaneously merge with a point on the far mountain range, with a speck of light in a drop of liquid eternity, with a star’s core – Triangulation is this –

So using words formed in thoughts I request my connection to the off-world transmission relay focal point and nearly fly off my chair when this blue beamy energy or more accurately power connects with the body I’m in – My frequency rises and fast – The room starts to glow like every particle is charged, alive – Maybe this is the usual state of things and I can only now notice since I’m linked, augmented –

Then, as I speak, the words come with a much heightened clarity and the content is something else like I’m just a conduit – Words form as if pre-written and waiting to arrive, almost as if dictated not following a personal logical progression, like when action occurs unpremeditated you just find yourself in the flow, connected and extending beyond the solid outlines of the body, a higher intelligence saying words that don’t seem to belong to me come from me, well maybe that was just a myth anyhow or a result of the terrestrial gravity well medium –

So my cover story I am a sporadic electronic musician supposedly living outside a vague set of local and temporal cultural norms – Utilise the primitive planetary technology of solid state sound amplification to influence mood and stimulate action using compression waves –

I make contact with the music underground – Small collectives of people socially coherent mutual interest groups who share sets of frequencies and look outside for access points to actual freedom, not many to be found that way – Tiny dots in a solid vision of boundaries and firm edges, objects and congealed ideologies – Shared agreements constituted in language and upheld with violence – A grid of apparent control, the hand on the shoulder the meddling fear and tedium, sponsored opportunities for pleasure –

I can see the local situation very clearly – All on the chart in the box – The price everyone seems to have to pay to maintain in the box – Limitations supposedly imposed by shared conditioned responses – Attention paid to looking good and not looking bad – Responses to failure inform the outlines of personality and palette of possibilities – Evolutionary potentials – The psychological depth model based on the voice in the head acts as a powerful impediment and block to direct action based on pristine connections made beyond the roof of the sky within the cells –

Create something new – I make the connections – Flower networks –– Raise everyone’s frequencies – Wait for them to come to me – Once I am part of the scene it becomes possible to plant seeds of new possibilities and demonstrate their value and practicality – Provide new reference points and put people in contact with what they don’t know they don’t know – Steer circumstances in evolutionary directions – Open doors extend an invitation –

However, at times I forget how I arrived here on this planet and the precise nature of the mission to be carried out, and the cover story takes over – Drunk on the world – Passions and indulgences – Stories within stories – Confusing the means with the end, school with the diploma –

Karena Saturn draws a breath and synchronises the inhalation with a particular muscular intensity around the eyes – Shifts focus to let in the light of the scene and make eyes shine at a particular frequency – Draw the light and breath in, project it out to create the scene –

Beamed into a physical body – Rusty cells incomplete circuits – Broken connections memory loss – Constrained by a limited bandwidth of perception an incomplete picture a narrow view you might say – The medium of vision – Form takes hold, maximum separation at the farthest reach from the single source – Forgotten unity to be re-established –

I am at the party – Click with night – Anti-clockwise buildings glitter empty – Paint peeling metalwork tarnished, delightful plants push through cracks – Darkness, mysterious intent of factories, old and run out – What am I here to achieve? – Sounds of plants pushing through cracks up the hill – From outside inside, in all directions nature can be heard – What are the outlines? – Look for what the mission is – I walk endlessly, grass wet, the air close limits – Then I am ready –

The characters are surrounded by trees sounds of excitement factories warehouses and industrial repetition instructions – Conversations peeling – The information flows backwards – Circuit board spirals in all outlines of the personality – I look into space and play repetition tracks into the outlines of the personality – Future activities become defunct – Knowledge learns me endlessly –

Many colours of darkness, mysterious intent of the night – I am here to discover freewheeling communication, don’t get involved – Step outside the glittering instructions – Enjoy the surroundings, the subtle surface substances –

I am here to check sound let go of knowledge that has become limits – Walk endlessly, alert – The character information flows backwards, a defunct personality I am wearing to further the playing surface – I walk around enjoy purpose and how this enables me to reach escape velocity and click with forwards – Then I am ready to meet people surrounded by warehouses and industrial instructions – Do not intrude into conversations or push for communication – Sometimes wait before repetition swap – Assess the situation and work out what I do not know who I am looking for or what – ‘Eyes shine, worlds within worlds, golden spheres’ –

R-Tanz makes electronic music using synthesizers, samplers and drum machines – Tunes the music with the radiation of stars crackle of light beams through prisms magnetic fields beyond the myth of separation – Sound energy, photon oscillations stimulate protein switches chemical handshakes – ‘Protein receptors have antennas that resonate with environmental signals’ – ‘Perception controls behaviour’ – R1 Resistance frequencies from the field, energy interactions beyond localised chemical lock and key, higher dimensional energies finding form through templates, permutations of basic elements – ‘Pulses of magnetic waves surge around the head across the temples slow proteins breath fixed to rhythm’ – Living music with direction and purpose, intermeshing connections that harmonise and match frequencies – The Unquenchable Spark – Always the possibility of new music in every interaction –

Spark experiences in terms of frequencies and images, works as a research scientist who explores how plant networks function – All of nature in communication how does it occur? – A vast assemblage of bio-chemicals and structural physics – Energy – A network of living filaments, magnetic fields, lines of light – Everything linked one system a series of connected fields – The Field –

Each molecule has a precise frequency vibration and can be stimulated into action by that frequency – DNA emits light, resonates and beams out like a transmitter – The brain functions as a transducer, converts one form of energy to another – Messages about a whole range of conditions and environmental factors can be transmitted across great distances and bring about noticeable and profound effects –

Shapes on the dance floor – Molecular arrangements – Sound colour splendour – Sensations in a dense medium of swirling light and slow, strobed movements – People live the purpose and unfold from the field where sound begins, resonate together and make the connections – Eye contact, codes and conversations – Shared frequencies – Distant voices murmur below the threshold of the bass – ‘The alignment of my senses with a picture so vast it cannot be contained within the language of separation’ – Heightened awareness maximum empathy –

A relaxed and unified crew – Goodwill and mutual friendship – Dedicated to action focussed on precision and integrity – The vibration from the centre of the mission, the nucleus of action, radiates outwards – Unseen energies of quality –

The main amplification takes place not in the equipment rather in the cells of the core crew – Plugged in though not only to fossil fuels – Transformed by dimensional energies – Receive and transmit – ‘As I stride through the bracken and pine forest, bees rub up against my face like tiny flying cats, their wings tickle my nose and eyelashes’ –

Groups of people in accord let go simultaneously – Crystallize in music beam released into higher order – ‘Cells fizz and explode, an intensity so bright that my legs shake and knees give way, I pass beyond a physical threshold through a prism my field enters into many tones of black layered in harmonic multiplicity’ –

Outlines and boundaries disappear forgotten, everything melts at high altitude – The chemicals that comprise the body merge with the sound frequencies amplified pure energy of new dimensions – ‘I receive and merge with a surge of energy so great and of such potency that the past and all it seemed to mean falls away like so many flakes of rust’ – Full power, cells brimful of vitality melt in new vistas, colour fields of living timbre rhythmic harmonies shimmer –

The whole scene made of lines – Energy equations formulas and blueprints – Expression conscious and otherwise – Each individual’s identity composed of a nest of various frequencies some high some low amplitude – People share coordinates of frequency and communication – ‘We’re very colourful’ – As the organism develops, first reception then transmission – ‘The magnetic pull of distant planets and intensity of stars tingles, sex vibrations stirred’ – Matched frequencies and cancelled frequencies – Affinity and shared coordinates –

Eyes shine they glow with love and shared intensity – A connection made in silence without the need for language – Enveloped by bass underpinning all of existence on this warm night soft breeze sensitive nervous system, and like tuning a radio the brain picks up signals the mind body and field can use – To alter circumstances – To make events happen above and below the threshold of consciousness – To enhance physical capabilities and produce intended and or unexpected results –

Energy drawn into the cells they melt in directions unknown – Consciousness, a field of energy in contact with higher frequency unified fields that extend without end, pops in and out of the body looks down at the shell in matter – Particles come and go plug in plug out – ‘I see people in the valleys, little dots, specks of dust floating on the hillside – Going to and fro like bees pollinating one another’s thoughts and lives’ –

Sound energy in motion travels at light speeds and engages with particles – Cosmic dust points of light in space whirl and tilt through time – A low frequency carrier wave conveys a high frequency signal – Cells resonate and receive the key, a code cipher that enables merging with a certain dimensional energy – ‘We call this a download’ – From source unknown beyond rhythms of vision unseen horizons – The sensation a result of a carrier wave of distant knowledge that illuminates every cell simultaneously – ‘I immediately know that I am whole and complete’ –

The action of the sound waves conveyed enhanced augmented by the magnetic field, intent and dimensions the core crew connect with – ‘Clicks of space transform into a flat image of time looked at from above – All events on a plane, running colours and melodies’ – Frequencies combine, unified fields influence everyone present – New affinities and plots created in a free space with sound energy at the centre – Health-music that stimulates action springs from shared joy and excitement – ‘Sound body, sound mind’ –

Gabba Babbage experiences dream worlds of sound splendour – Valley grass soft underfoot tall plants bright new colours – Each colour conveys a sound – Every plant emits music – Gabba Babbage steps and floats through swirling melodies of particle tone harmony – Springy dance floors low gravity high oxygen –

The field of vision composed of hexagonal cells shifting colours a million nuances – Rhythmic patterns sway ebb and flow –

At first the sound and colour combinations come to Gabba Babbage still separate and distinct – A point of view inside a landscape never solid yet real enough – Edges blur and magnify, bulb and contort – Dimensions stretch, pulling colours slowly towards stillness only to spring and radiate, sending eerie echoes –

Mathematical equations and geometrical patterns – Gabba Babbage looks into the scene, already beginning to merge with the hexagonal hive of activity – ‘Not here in thought’ – The dancing hexagons of red purple green blue sequences of code – Colour melodies waft from plants at precise angles and enter through fingertips and hair – Fragments of tunes vibrate in Gabba Babbage’s head and arms – Body becomes music, vibration, rhythmic connection – ‘I sing the body magnetic’ –

High frequency winds of sunflower violet sweep through the valley – Flickering silver trees gold leaves pulse and answer the breeze – Tips of branches curl and smoke into the sky –

Gabba Babbage’s brain of tiny pulsing hexagons crystallizes in silver light – Very pure high frequencies radiate seven waves into seven waves – Golden bees buzz in widening spirals, the valley suspended in amber waves in red-orange shaking bass, the clouds in green skies vibrate in harmony swirling and spinning fractal edges –

Vortices, whirlpools of a million shades of blue shimmy through the valley, in the sky, pulling in trees like smoke and sending out spinning reels of blue reverberations –

Gabba Babbage finds no thoughts to think – Breathes the scene in and out – Crackles of hexagonal unity radiate from Gabba’s brain and fingertips – Focuses and announces intent – The hexagons crystallize – Sound spores collect and form crystal image –

Sound spores click into place mesh with Gabba Babbage’s cellular structure now hexagonal – Each cell a blue vortex – Unlocked and primed – Magnetic waves – Ultraviolet flashes, all sense of solidity gone – Cell body fractal of surfaces receiving signals from environments – ‘An organism-as-a-whole-in-an-environment’ –

Gabba Babbage hears new music feels relaxed a high frequency – The softer the melody the more the cells vibrate, light collisions of frequencies – Writers and artists beamed on to the set to make events happen to raise frequencies – Paintings come to life terrestrial science merges with the more encompassing cosmic context – A quantum blur on the dance floor – Multiple views co-exist simultaneously – No more single frozen moments – All locations connected – Artist-scientists harmonise across different periods –

Laser pulses sweep across the dance floor – With incredible accuracy clusters of cells and neural pathways stimulated at a distance – The dancers register this as sound – The dance moves musculature of different periods programs downloaded into the physical structure of the body through its magnetic field – New dance moves in effect no conscious control – No genres no history – The dance floor a blank canvas the dancers create involuntary patterns loose limbed shapes –

Dancers seemingly static a neutral relaxed posture – Present and ready – Breath and heart-rate synced with eyes survey the scene – The tiniest motion through the quantum fields surrounding Shoulders – Arms – Wrists – Hands – Joints – Fingertips – Through Waist – Knees – Ankles – Feet – Toes – All combined – The motion in the fields around the waist encompasses all the lower orders of movement down to the toes – Same with the shoulders to the fingertips – Move the shoulders and the rest follows by resonance – No tension in the neck – ‘Relaxation and an absence of muscular activity – Integration of movements – Holographic information organisation’ – The complex wave at the top reduces to the lower order waveforms – All the possibilities stacked and ready to go at the shoulder level and simply selected in sequences of possibilities expressed – Thinking too much reduces the whole and clumsy incoherent motions introduced express –

‘Information density increases as skill develops’ – The fastest piano player seems to be almost completely still – Rocks slightly at the shoulders and selects the patterns that the fingers sequence – ‘Become like water’ – Cascades of notes, clusters of frequencies blend and resonate through the air connect with cells – Groups of cells resonate together and merge with the cells of other people – Everyone resonates together – Frequency shift to higher orders – Quantum regeneration – Unity consciousness –

Movements bring about evolutionary directions a picture a scene – Field recordings of a particular time and place transmit that vibration to the listener and put them in contact with unknown energy fields – Nothing static – Perception slows to periodic tables – Movement can evoke a historical moment and shape a whole period – Geometric intelligence –

After the party, people go their supposedly separate ways – A story on the TV ‘News On The March’: ‘Parties and sound have long existed together to provide opportunities for enjoyment and more importantly to activate people – To prepare for the future – As in other situations on this planet, commerce and a primitive circuit drive toward self-satisfaction, combined with the fact that what is experienced and learned lifts from the individual minds in most cases in the hours after to be forgotten, leads to emphasis on perhaps the least interesting and non-evolutionary aspects of what loud amplified electronic music and raised frequencies make possible – Action, new possibilities – In perhaps most cases, the energies and unifications achieved dissipate by not being put to immediate collective use for projects that secure the levels of the new consciousness gains – However, even though in the short term little seems to be achieved on a larger scale, seeds are sown in the complex magnetic fields and programs of human cells and magnetic fields’ –

The frequencies have acted on and continue to act on the body and field, thoughts and consciousness – Cellular programs decoded and brought to the surface – Operation ‘Expanded Context’ in effect – Experience leads to the possibility of new experiments – The ability to make choices freely –

The realisation that every single moment and event can be an opportunity for transformation and conscious evolution, inspiration and empowerment – What we might create in our lives and the lives of others still surviving in the myth of separation – ‘No one is an island – They’re all connected underneath’ – ‘When I am you and you are me / There’ll be an end to misery’ – Unification, a long-term view beyond instant gratification and individuality – Those who want to be active will become so by their own choice and through being stimulated and inspired –

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Dust in the air, powdery vision – Riklcoatzl in a cold, dark studio illuminated only by the LEDs of what this planet’s inhabitants considers to be advanced technology, presses ‘play’ and sound emerges from a million shades of darkness and brings light to consciousness and thought – Low swirling bass and harmonic frequency oscillations activate veiled cellular information ciphered codes of forgotten identities – Into the genetic dust of outer inner space –

On Winter Solstice I of dust, a mote of consciousness, disappear and unfold in front of my eyes – Another layer of this planet begins to appear, uneven edges superimposed secrets shimmer with an unknown green and purple sadness, a living scene slow and powdery quality every fleck conveys a fierce vitality –

Mayan cities rise from wooden floorboards – Stepped pyramids, wind murmurs through jungle dense with life force magnetic radiance – Rapid flicker of images – A series of moments – Villagers come and go, fields shamans the jungle all seen like looking the wrong way down a telescope into the receding distance –

The next thing I remember is looking through cold December air enjoying realities simultaneously – A transformation takes place – Jump – Come to! – The book of you is now open, a living scene relayed through light – People move through the stories – Everyone in two worlds –

My presence evolves by the laws of geometry, an unheard rhythm funnels reflects light from another dimension and my awareness of it – Gravity would not allow wisdom of the ancients yet now their frequencies genetic codes rhythms cascade pulsate over the entire field again – The vision is the jungle my eyes doors onto the purple lights –

Tableaus in front of me flatten into village communities deep in nature’s cycles – I watch accelerations evolving fire specks of green light – A world contained in consciousness an unheard rhythm – Green and purple vines appear to be geometry woven together in timeless motion – Unknown knowledge, vegetal life – Species swarm –

Winter smoke sends out low rumbles – I am once again dust and disappear in a crumbled shape – Uneven edges fit thousands of years, makeshift directional realities – Ease into the jungle – Others me – I comprehend – Entirety of species exists simultaneously – Turn green and come as I gaze into dark pages contained in a few moving images – A living scene having a foot in crumbled dried leaves –

The return journey through vegetal worlds – I have lived for hundreds of thousands of years in awareness on many parts of the plateau overlooking the cemetery – History of plants and the world – A mixture of elation and evolution – December air the timeless laws of geometry –

All tales are woven and impart their wisdom – Man’s dealings cast spooky shadows in texture of reality – I can see people move through the recordings as animals peer out and I grasp who only knows how far – Light flows into inaudible cold pages stories made of time – An unpredictable mosaic of daily interactions leads to the new sense –

The council meets at a stone house in the jungle – Windows of light transform the shifting outside into patterns that flicker precisely across the room – Loud birdsongs from all angles – Neat geometrical flutings and trills mesh throughout the audible spectrum and beyond – Enveloped in a sound medium of crystal cube material – Starlight travellers enfolded in memories unfold from melodies –

Silver winter light generates a magnetic pull, metal images – Violet suns flicker through heavy lidded eyes – Images emerge complete and frozen in time for the briefest moments – Gray skies purple moons – Colours and shapes continually mesh and then separate – Icy crags purple snow falls through green light – Dynamics of sound and colour at every scale flicker – Wind rises in volume a wavering frequency through unseen valleys creaks of flapping wings throaty yelps above – VH19 activates the beacon, a protective field around the body that sends a signal beyond the medium of snow and sensation – Direct cyclone communication –

Fields cluster first arms then legs and head the egg complete a group of nested vortices – Sound-light spirals from the top of the head to engage photon particles and draw them into the field – Cell radiance smooth coherent waveforms throughout the body – Circuits completed cells unify with every star in the skies and beyond – Brainwaves mesh with distant calls and VH19 knows exactly where to go what to do in cold silence a stillness and golden energy at the centre – Steps from the barely visible track and begins to climb the slope through waist high drifts of glittering purple snow –

Onto a ridge and just over the other side a crater in a dip holds a circular building the shape of a yurt yet solid and smooth no snow settles on or around it – The black metallic surface of the yurt glows and emits a low steady pulse that warms VH19 to the bones –

As VH19 steps to the yurt the low frequency drops still further to the threshold of audibility – VH19 snaps upright to a perfect relaxed posture and implements a series of motions smooth and fast balanced and controlled, faster than the conscious mind can acknowledge – A sensation of remarkable well-being – Breathing slows – The wind rises in frequency, tremulous waves of crackling noise –

Inside the yurt VH19 resolves the image eyes focus in the dim particulate blur – Not much to see an emptiness that enables the senses to settle to a minimum – VH19 sits on a low seat of cold stone the contours merge with body outlines a smooth shift arms rest – To make the connection and give light to the scene let go forget outlines and boundaries – The fractal holographic memory key engages, a concentration focus superimposed images scenes from the past merge in the present to create a new picture the lines join vast distances of time and space – A composite moment that could only exist when accessed from the cellular memory and made present by VH19 to be integrated and completed by the external circuit –

Riklcoatzl completes the circuit of human being, light, sound – The aim to go beyond the body in space and time, to become complete – To merge with light, the music of eternity – Arrive at computer timing – “I, a folded intensity of light within sound within light within sound” – To create a present beyond the constraints of a fixed view determined by the past – Do it and see what happens –

Riklcoatzl points a cubic strobe at a piece of fabric over an open window of the studio – Slight motion of the yellow fabric – Printed flowers patterns of dots and swirls of colour on a circuit board grid of faint lines – Wide brushstrokes of time, inked in streams of dimensions, channels that can be travelled – Particular frequencies in rhythmic relationships encoded by language – We call this ‘The World’ – Created afresh each moment consciously or otherwise –

As the strobe clicks and fabric glows, light-energy plays across its rippling surface – The speed of the flicker alters the colour of the sheet and the colour light integrity of the flowers – The flowers rapidly change colour, edges seem to lift from the fabric into the room – Quickfast superimposed afterimages in the field of vision appear and disappear created and gone created and gone – Consciousness – Fields of flowers flicker in all directions –

Riklcoatzl adjusts the variable speed of the strobe to create colour light frequency combinations of the elements – The grid of faint lines on the sheet extends to the circuit board that connects all the dimensions – Riklcoatzl feels a rush of light from cells of the body old stories enter and complete to make way for something else –

UV13 leans forward with hands and fingers outstretched at the edge of the mesa – Makes the connection using the cellular key that merges the body’s field with all the stars in the sky and beyond within to unseen dimensions – Photon pathways – The energy of every atom a shared unfixed position – Accelerated increasing awareness opens to an ocean of consciousness – From UV13 filaments of golden light bright and alive curl and unfold to interlace in a geometric pattern across the sky, holding together the act of creation –

In a chamber carved into the rock beneath an outcropping of the mesa three flutes each sound four alternating notes phase converge diverge – The sound resonates in the chamber – Harmonic overtones radiate and vibrate together – The air seems to become liquid, waves surge and swell, a medium holding the nine dreamers suspended – Starlight enters through a narrow slit – The dreamers’ silver cords that extend from the tops of their heads merge with the ray of silver starlight and one by one they glide effortlessly into the night sky, shimmering waves invisible to the wakeful eye –

A dizzying vortex of motion fades to black – Spiral through soundless lights pressure around the head – In the mind’s eye swirling geometric patterns – The Book of Layers – Journey between mediums – Oriented by frequencies of light –

‘Mysterious stars, the rise of a new reality rushing to the eye – A universal voice that speaks to all that will listen – At night they search the stars in dreams beyond horizons – Far beyond the dream into the cosmos – The truth revealed – Our natural ability for revealing the infinite miracle of the universe – Drift away and make contact with translucent plants the mission objective to see the light beneath the lunar surface – Light from the outside world – Approach moon through radiation storm – A peaceful encounter with the visitor from the star –’

BG3 wakes in a chamber on a stone bed very comfortable curved fit that holds the body – BG3 has come to make a connection for direct knowledge regarding plant-human communication – Imagine speaking with any plant indeed merging with any molecule atom waveform – No textbook necessary, science and learning replaced by rhythm and harmony, direct oscillation match –

On the wall a painting of a figure on a stone bed by a table with a bowl of fruit varieties that BG3 has not seen before – The scene recognisable though the proportions seem unfamiliar unrealistic – The fruit in the bowl on the wall emanates a soft fizzing glow a whispering tone – BG3 experiences a glow in the field merges harmonically with the food and feels full –

Command to be vertical achieves the goal – BG3 in a smooth series of moments glides across the room no impression of walking just the distance covered and the intention to do so – Faces the door and ‘pop’ on the other side sees a sloping corridor – At a fork in the way BG3 takes the left passage – No doubt involved, rather a pleasing certainty the choice made before even thinking about it –

BG3 enters a granite chamber of the pyramid used for healing and initiation, the shaft aligned with stars in the sky a million points of light – Spiral vortex at top of head clicks with stellar region engages travel between coordinate points –

BG3 steps forward from the jaunte pad into a torrent of energising sound, a roar like 10,000 saxophones, and surprisingly ordered – In the skies beyond the green planet, a dozen moons orbit – Magnetic microclimates on the surface come and go in spectral patterns of sound harmonics and tone registers – A blend of the influences of the twelve moons – The high frequencies of moonlight effect changes at the evolutionary level of all living entities by extending the information capacity within the learning patterns – The indigenous tribal peoples step into a new medium of expanded potential every day – ‘I have been sent to a planet where people can learn’ – Harmonised by the frequencies as the planet travels the spaceways –

The plants in the jungles sing magnetic concerts, arrangements and themes conducted by moonlight – BG3 gradually acclimatises to the light tone spectrum – Ultraviolet images burst on to the field of vision at unexpected moments – The indigenous tribal peoples exist inside bands of sound colour splendour and feel their way by frequency and harmonics – BG3 experiences these shifting bands of frequencies as dances of light and kaleidoscopic mood changes especially in the orange-red part of the spectrum – ‘The Longs’ they call it locally –

The tribal peoples know the properties and life cycles of thousands of plants not by trial and error rather by the plants sharing what they do, know, experience at every scale from the molecular to the life history of the whole planet – Even young children are inducted into the knowledge, in fact this happens as a matter of course, everyone merges with plants and shares information becomes instruments in the vast orchestra of nature – Epic molecular dances of particles that spin and swing –

Every member of the tribe on the planet enjoys unmediated direct contact with the underlying fabric of energy composing all matter and held together with higher dimensional power – Breathing and balance – The energy of the voice – Conscious control of DNA-RNA-protein expression – Energy vortices – The individual is a universe of sound connected to the whole – Points of light – Prismatic reflections – Stars in the sky – Planet tilting though space medium –

Riklcoatzl beams from the studio trailing copy toner – Walks, feels the smooth gentle curve of a hill underfoot and surveys a series of such hills as they roll into the distance and below to the bay – Waves pitch in from the sea to return again – Blue misted hills fine black powder –

Sunshine reflects from many angles and illuminates each mote of vision, a golden glow that settles down from beyond the blue sky – Everything vibrates, a motion that crystallizes and becomes the solid picture of thought in motion –

Riklcoatzl steps from a dusty track and follows a fast moving water course, a narrow brimful ditch that runs alongside a high hedge of interlaced plants and shades of green at the edge of a field of maize – Stoops and hurries between the lines of tall maize that cast shadows from above, higher destination unknown keep moving down the gentle slope don’t be seen – Heart compresses tight, deep breaths dry throat hot lungs blurry eyes – Glimpses of a stone farmhouse in the distance surrounded by maize fields curls of smoke rise from a chimney – The whole scene wavers, moist and somehow insubstantial – In each moment Riklcoatzl steps further out of space into time becoming detached from local continuity – Each step a frozen particle separate from all others – Only the present exists – Could be anywhere –

Riklcoatzl narrows eyes to focus and see beyond the picture – ‘When am I?’ – In a scene the whole field of vision threaded through with lines of light in geometric patterns that compose and hold together everything between soil and sky –

Egyptian Mayan Inca civilizations enter through the feet and radiate from the eyes – Molecular vision – lmages flicker and pulsate with colour-light intensity – Hieroglyphic constellations – Fields – Irrigation systems convey golden energy water to the crops – Bridges across fast-flowing water – Floating farms – Pyramid systems cellular cities mathematical precision – ‘Links to sacred places in the sky’ –

Particles of time spin around the centre from where Riklcoatzl peers into whirling images through the facets of prisms, views of eternity – Cities and agriculture radiate out from Mayan time genes – Stone outposts – Cities carved in dream in the mud of centuries on a grid of light – Cloud music – A starlight traveller steps from a vortex into the jungle trailing flickering stars – Creatures look on with glowing golden eyes –

Riklcoatzl composes blueprints for future architecture, an integrated sound environment based on knowledge of plant networks and communication systems emanating from bio-energy seeds – Gathers components and assembles a vegetal computer on dried pressed leaves, circuits of delicate silver leaf filaments and miniature golden pine cones completed with superimposed Inca genes and electronic sounds – By connecting the vegetal bio-computer to the vast light-circuit, Riklcoatzl draws images and makes a map, uses the network to find the necessary energy seeds – Dimensional energy drawn through vortices around pine cones to create sustain and calibrate life conditions –

Beyond a point of no return Riklcoatzl transforms sound-seeds into the architecture of reality – Pictures made of light, points of energy come to life – Crystals grow at points where spirals of light cross, cities integrated with magnetic fields and energy grid, powered through vortex connections harmonic energy – Crystalline beings emerge at intersection points –

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Consciousness arrives like an old friend, clear and direct – Cellular coherence occurs instantaneously like a switch being flicked, and my whole body snaps into focus as I step into a warm medium of air and swirling colours a million shades I never knew existed – The image so much clearer than on the origin planet – My sensory apparatus expanded human potential meshes with the local geometry and ears pop the bubble of separation bursts – The 7th sense engages – You may think of it as ‘unity consciousness’ –

The Integrated Environment where everything orients to sound – Swirls of golden light a very pure tone that resonates through all of creation – Landscaped venues where the wind plays the contours to exhilarating effect – Geometric musical buildings played by wind and sun, atmospheric conditions – Cells and environment read each other in a complex feedback loop – Every living entity a musical instrument –

Blue, violet, pink, purple waves and fields of colour swirl around – I sense every discrete form as a combination of light and sound frequency – Nothing is … solid – Just a picture a view – Converted from energy to language in the context of a limited symbol system – Letters, syllables, words – Codes, Proteins, Cells – The music of the spheres a series of short staccato flashes of colour –

Ahead a clearing between golden trees – The twigs and leaves of the trees emit frequencies that vibrate gently and resonate with my brainwaves, little flurries of colour rising and falling with the pitch – Puffs of violet and blue light rise from the ground around me – I merge into colour-notes, an orchestra of sensation and connection – Cells amplify the signals from the environment – Dimensional transmissions – Cell radiance –

I focus on making the connection for the mission – Connection made by colour – Like scrolling through a list of phone numbers only much quicker no names here just colours, each individual has a personal tint a clear and distinct tone with a frequency that can be felt with the whole body – We establish contact by matching colour coordinates and synchronising waveforms through brain telex system – ‘CONNECTION – SHARED MISSION – PURPOSE – DIRECTION’ –

Buildings nestle among silver and gold trees, purple and green vines pulsate with a living light backwards and forwards along their length – I see the image first bird song through my cells like blood in the veins and then a hollow sucking sound engulfs my being as the vortex shifts and I arrive at the destination –

Dr Ho leads me into a violet building, a centre for growth and development – At first the curves and proportions of the architecture occur for me as a headache and an immersive sensation imperfect balance – Then eyes relax and ears tune into the low frequency, solidity and harmony of matter – A tremendous sensation of well-being, that wherever I am present in each moment I exist in harmony with the fabric of the building and the energy medium of the space and air – And beyond –

We stand in a curved room – Survey the growth chambers – The energized seeds sprout programs, fields of activity – We tell ourselves matter-based stories – Every frame of the process energy and oscillation –

The egg-shaped medium of the womb distributes golden energies in the fluids – Mammals discover and learn a spectrum of rhythm and tone from the moment of conception – ‘We have inside of us all the rhythms of the universe, manifested harmonically in the rhythm of the heart’ – From birth the infants presented with sensory stimuli of ordered textures and tones combined – From human-generated rhythmic patterns of sticks and stones to electronic pulses precisely correlated to universal patterns –– ‘Harmonics – Number and geometry, our bridge with nature – All systems in constant interaction and evolution through resonance’ –

Marall and the other musician-teachers share knowledge with the children and enrol them into the world as sound, into consciousness and choice, presence and responsibility –

The young children discover and learn the correct frequencies for parts of the body and the harmonic relationships that express the whole – Colour and number scales – Perception and the points at which human subjective influences come into effect – Soon the children can feel with great precision when their body resonates in harmony – Each structure such as throat cells knee muscle resonates at a particular frequency shared by all of humanity – The biofeedback training system measures difference from healthy vibrations and retunes the frequency – Health equals a harmonic whole, resonant information exchange – ‘The body is music – We are melodies that agree – When you move, everything moves’ – All a matter of frequency, harmony and resonance – Geometric proportions – Intensity – Once learned on an individual level, the same process can be applied to relationships with objects, people, the social order, all of nature –

‘Play the vibrations of the day’ – Frequencies that bring about evolutionary processes – ‘Frequencies prepare you for the future, connect you with new dimensions from which you draw energy’ – Everything has rhythm all of nature a vast song – The children learn rhythmic patterns by generating sounds with voices and instruments – Rhythm in music, rhythmic patterns in nature – Play frequencies and combinations to stimulate particular cellular networks and functions that integrate our cosmic nature –

No fixed centre of rhythm in the elements – The centre always everywhere, in motion and action – The elements sit just a little in front or behind the metric beat, and shift forwards and backwards in relation to each other to create a rolling groove – An endless variation –

The Book of Layers Songbook: ‘Chords can be made by combining the notes of however many instruments in any given moment and shows how play together creates the whole – This happens anyway, to do so consciously discovers responsibility and shared power’ – Beyond individuality to produce precise group rhythmic consistency, beneficial results – The band as model for human interaction, model of reality – Rhythm harmony unity – A holistic view – ‘You are a destiny-changer – With these frequencies and dimensional energies, you create reality at the place where action emerges with new states of being –’

The teacher-musician Marall: ‘You don’t know nothing, so that’s what you wanna play, that you don’t know, cos the world comes from the spirit, it balances the knowledge – You got to do what you know, and what you don’t know – What you know don’t always help you, neither – The spirit of things changes what you know, it supposed to be so right … it ain’t – Right is right, but it’s in the wrong place, so that’s where the spirit steps in – puts you in the right spot –’

‘Sound body, sound mind – What you know what you need? Do you know? – So you see what’s there – You know too much – Because that what you is, you don’t know – And that what you want, you think that you need – But the spirit is another dimension that balances what you know and what you think you know, into putting it in the right place – So that’s where spirit is in music … You ain’t got no guide, there you out there – What do you do? – You can’t think of what to do, you just do – And you do what is correct – If you’re paying attention and trying to think, it don’t work – You don’t think, you take the moment as it is, and do what you do – But if you think about this is goes here, and this is wrong and that’s right, because you can be right and in the wrong place –’

‘So that’s the thing about sound, when I use it, we use it for your well-being, you can’t give somebody else something that you ain’t got yourself – You can’t teach your kids something unless you got something to teach ‘em – You see? – Same thing – Get yourself straight and the vibrations come to all the people that’s around you – And they know it’s something and it’s interesting and do their imagination and whatever – That’s what I’m saying, make the music, they say the music can do all these things – Let me try it – And do what I wanna do or what I feel, and what that is I don’t know – What am I gonna do? – If I have everything planned out, it never works … it’ll never work – You got your little plot and the plan and everything in the square … it’ll not work –’

‘If you know everything you gonna be in the square – It just happens all the time – People know everything – Know know know – It’s alright, but then you have to have a balance with that what you don’t know – You have to admit that you don’t know what to do, and yet you know everything – And you just do something – And it’s the right thing – And you say, “Oh why did I do this?” –

‘You go the way of the spirit, it says go this way or go that way – And you go that way – So the music is alive, alive in the world, but you have to do it for yourself – And then when you do it for yourself, you release that you don’t know out there – You talk about what you know – [Question: So you’re not really in control, are you?] – No – I’m in control of what I know, and then you don’t do nothing but what you know, and you gonna be a sad sight – Because it ain’t like that, worrying about just what you know – That I do know, I know – But if I use what I know, it’s gonna be out of order. If you use what you feel, what you really feel, then you’re going in the right direction –’ *1

*** *** *** *** *** ***

The technician winds a reel of fragile film stock onto the projector – Sunbeams through dirty windows illuminate dust flakes, motes of images float suspended in the musty air – Dusty shelves flaking rust decayed years – Time collapsed like a broken accordion – The technician wheezes, stooped and pale almost transparent skin eyes of stars – A soft click of smooth mechanism the film loops and begins –

Grainy footage of fading afternoons green light amongst the trees – Smiles on faces loose clothes and forgotten dances – ‘Animals are delicious’ – ‘Guantanamo Bay is my favourite kind of rum’ – Orange short-sleeved shirts wide eyes tousled hair – Swimmers in the canal step carefully around rusty bicycles and jagged shopping trolleys –

Across the dance floor of flattened grass eyes meet they feel a magnetic pull cellular constellations synchronised in orbit – Spin whirl shuffle sway – Gravity and empty minds draw some to the floor the stars now distant – Comets flare the night tails behind – Shooting stars through ringing heads –

Long journey home the mission accomplished – Transformation complete for now – ‘In front of me literally nothing, just the moment of creation’ –

*** *** *** *** *** ***

*1 – from an interview with Marshall Allen, director of the Sun Ra Arkestra (interview conducted by the author on 2014.06.26).
‘Magnetic Timetable’ appears on the ‘Nocturbulous Behavior’ EP [UR-011] by The Suburban Knight

The Knowledge Book [Messages received and transformed into writing by Vedia Bülent Önsü Çorak –]
Noel Huntley, The Emerging New Science & ‘The Secrets of Instrumental Technique’
Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry: Back To A Future For Mankind
Bruce Lipton, ‘The Biology of Belief – The Follow Up’:
Simon Carter, ‘The Rupture’
The Landmark Forum / Landmark Curriculum for Living

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(Illustration by Sansculotte)

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