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Obsessive Eye

Vol. 3: Moving horizontally rather than vertically this intense music magazine takes in electronica, post rock and drum and bass. Interviews and meticulous research collide with architectural images: sound, it suggests, is a material dimension. In amongst Panacea, V/Vm, Jega, Vainquer, Merzbow and more we come across OE’s quest to hunt down the PCP label and John Cage’s ‘Future of Music’ lecture from 1937. Not afraid to drawn upon the avant-garde tradition means that OE is inflected with an experimental attitude and a post-media sensibility. Sources suggest that this magazine is being used as the wellspring for a Wire Article on ‘New Fundamentalist Noise’. Rest assured that there is no tabloid-styled journalism on offer here. Contact 60 Morrish Road, Brixton, London SW2 4EG for a copy of the magazine that comes with a 7” that has tracks by V/VM, Alan Vega and Panasonic.

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