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Order Alprazolam Online Cod [3]
One of the central events of 1999 was the conflict and then war in the then Yugoslav province of Kosovo. The dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has happened over the last decade with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia becoming internationally recognised sovereign coutries. Montenegro and Kosovo were…
  • The Kosovo war was also an information war that was led surprisingly successful considering how many 'facts' had to be made up or twisted. Let's once again reiterate: In the Yugoslav province of Kosovo there had been an armed insurrection of a nationalist group called the UCK (in the US…
  • Ten years ago NATO forces attacked and bombed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and occupied the autonomous province of Kosovo. The reason for this was on the surface the claim, that the Federal Republic, its army and police units aided by Serb paramilitaries, were conducting a policy of "ethnic cleansing"…