next:now – Strategies to resample the future #5 22-03-2019 @Vétomat Berlin

Strategies to resample the future #5

“As the future is not prescribed, and the succession of now and tomorrow is not monolithic or determined, our task consists in distinguishing the layers of futurability that lie in the texture of the present reality and in the present consciousness. (…)

The present depression (both psychological and economic) obscures the consciousness that no determinist projection of the future is true. We feel trapped in the tangle of techno-linguistic automatisms: finance, global competition, military escalation. But the body of the general intellect (the social and erotic bodies of a million cognitarians) is richer than the connective Brain. And the present reality is richer than the format imposed on it, as the multifold possibilities inscribed in the present have not been wholly cancelled, even if they may seem presently inert.”

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi – Futurability – The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility (2017)

Here comes the 5th talk of the next_now series. We expect it to be as unconventional as the way the speakers are introducing themselves.

Uli Berthold

Coder and visual artist, crypto ninja punk umeboshi brainfuck totalverweigerung.

Simon “Distortion” Carter

A certified lunatic , the youngest on the board of universal auditors , sponsored by the uniqueness disposal clinic . And he’s done a few records

Friday 22th March 2019 h 20:00
Vétomat – Wühlischstr. 42 Berlin – Friedrichshain

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