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datacide eighteen Features: Revolution and Counterrevolution in Germany 1919; Marxism Contra Jusice; Ghosts & Handbags; Masterless Mouths; Book Reviews: A Fascist Tulpa in the White House?; Lions led by Jackals; France - What's new for the Left? Poetry & Fiction by Howard Slater, Dan Hekate. Plus: News roundup, record reviews…
  • What strikes me when I look back at the first issue of datacide is that there is no editorial, no statement of intent -- something remarkable for a new marginal publication launching itself. Instead, the zine jumps right in with a reprinted update on the then proposed new police bill.…
  • datacide three Release date: October 1997. 24 Pages. Reverend Butech: Butech Wants You! Six Hurts G.: Mr. Chairman, dear collegues, ladies and gentlemen Boris Karloff: Plague of the Zombies The Assessor: The Assessor Matthew Fuller: Perpetual Commotion (on Critical Art Ensemble) Howard Slater: PARALLAXED Datacide: Interview with Mark Newlands /…