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Dead By Dawn: We Are Invincible (1995)

Dead By Dawn on 3rd December 1994
by The Institute of Fatuous Research
(from Alien Underground 0.1, 1995)

Dead By Dawn is a baptism by fire happening on the first saturday of every month, organised in conjunction with elaborate astrological cycles. It is an open secret, an anonymous pool of power accessible to guileless travellers of multitudinous potentiality. A new rougher and tender realm and yet another sucker on the beautifful arms of that octopus of desire called the INVISIBLE COLLEGE.

Dead By Dawn is an all-night feast of fire consumption; a self-sustaining palace of pleasure. Aliens advance their individual investigations into involvement with MOB RULE, test-driving hectic notions against believing everything…but minds do burn out (perhaps the effect of swallowing too much dogma and listening to techno played in other clubs that has been made with tired and fatigued formulas) and on this occasion we were sorely disappointed to have to watch the spectacle of certain elements getting angry because some Dark Jungle was playing out. Did this so offend their techno tastebuds, that they had to spout their pathetic invective against breakbeats?

Dead By Dawn fires up binary dilemmas, resulting in aphasic implosions of belief structures. All the declared origins for things, all the various shades of after-life theory, are majestically destroyed. The fragile skin between inner and outer space has been punctured; a celebration begins, of incompleteness, the dissolving of categories and the accumulation of ideas. This is a launch pad for a thousand missions into electronic disturbance zones. Nothing is sacred. Dead By Dawn is the realisation and suppression of popular music and attendant social conditions; techno reveals how we find our own uses for magical systems, alchemically transforming machines into play-things, and constantly re-mixing, re-connecting, and re-inventing ourselves. All of this was confirmed by the live PA that night from Berlin technodadaists Sonic Subjunkies.

Dead By Dawn fans its own flames; the key to its success is ‘Mind Our Business’, cultivating the MOB mentality. By outflanking the administrators of fear, Dead By Dawn gleefully contributes to the breakdown of society, as our contradictions disrupt the whole millennial regeneration of the Renaissance world-view , and the manipulation of reality for the purpose of mind control. The whirligig of time speeds up and has it’s revenges. These digital hardnoises accelerate the displacement of hierarchy, they provide space/time travel to a classless society where there will be no plagues of crap music and stupid club promoters, no ego-tripping pests and self-promoting bores, no extortionate prices and rip-offs, and where there will be unlimited free drugs, records, dancing and sex. WE ARE INVINCIBLE.
Dead By Dawn every first saturday of the month at 121 Centre, 121 Railton Rd. Brixton, London.

Read Neil Transpontine’s excellent post about Dead By Dawn HERE!

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