Datacide Meets Random @ Rauchhaus Berlin 27-12-2014 – CANCELLED

There was a fire at Rauchhaus last thursday, and another incident in the morning of the 24-12 which prompted the Rauchhaus to cancel all events there for an indefinite time. Sadly this means that our party will not take place this weekend. We are planning to re-schedule for a date in early 2015 and will let you know. Watch this space for updates.

Concrete Cosmos and Praxis together to sustain their activities of independent media in 2015.
This fundraising party will help the realisation of a feature film entitled Nullreich and the print of a book containing the first 10 issues of Datacide.


Aekre (Breakcore/IDM) – DJ set

Ari Nev (Breakcore/IDM) – Live

Base Force One (Breakcore/Experimental) – Live

Black Hands (Rhythmic Noise) – DJ set

Bombhead (Noise) – Live

Del_F64.0 (Speedcore) – Live

Lynx (Breakcore, Noise) – DJ set

Video installation by Hmtl://S and Sansculotte

Stay tuned on the networks!

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