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Datacide fundraiser at Subversiv, Berlin Oct. 4th


In association with Seven Samurai Records [2] we’re doing another fund-raiser for the printing/mailing cost of the upcoming new paper edition of datacide!

It’s taking place at the Subversiv in Berlin at Brunnenstrasse 7, on October 4th 2008, starting at 23h.

On the decks:

Fobia [3] (Seven Samurai)

Amboss [4] (Sub/Version, Seven Samurai)

Kippu [5] (hardact.org)

Parataxia (Bogotrax, Nucleoroto [6])

Christoph Fringeli (Praxis [7], Datacide)

Visuals by Duodrome [8] and Sansculotte [9]



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