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Datacide Eighteen release date

After a number of delays we’re happy to announce the release date of the print edition of Datacide Eighteen!

[Note that we are re-shuffling the dates a little bit, due to the fact that during the whole week of 23-29 of March there will be near-daily events in the new Praxis Store in Berlin. The release of datacide eighteen has been moved to take place there on March 28 or 29 (update in the next couple of days). The Vétomat event on March 15 will instead be a screening of the film War [1]School [1].] [1]

UPDATE: After announcing a March release date previously we had to postpone the release slightly when the final work on the issue ground to a halt due to the opening of the new Praxis shop in Berlin March 23. Finally, after a busy first week at the shop, work is resuming and the issue will be released shortly.

Sincere apologies to contributors, subscribers and readers. The wait will soon be over.

Datacide Eighteen will definitely come out this month (April 2019) and this remains a good time to SUBSCRIBE [2] to receive the new issue hot off the press!

We will start to publish the contents on the new issue online in the next few days. Please consider making a DONATION [3], or if you’re a user of Brave Browser you can now reward us in BAT either with one-off or recurring tips or include datacide-magazine.com in your auto-contribute settings. More infos about Brave Browser and rewards HERE [4].

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