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Datacide at Warsaw Independent Bookfair 9/10-09-2017

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Datacide will be present at this years' Anarchist Bookfair in London with a stall! The bookfair will again be held at Queen Mary’s, University of London on the Mile End Road, London E1 4NS more information about the bookfair and how to get there can be found HERE. If you…
  • Datacide will be at this years' Radical Bookfair with a stall - and the brand new issue - datacide fifteen Radical booksellers, publishers, artists and activists of all stripes are setting up in the Great Hall at Goldsmiths University to host the 4th London Radical Bookfair. With over 130 exhibitors…
  • Datacide will be present at the Radical Bookfair taking place May 10 at the Bishopsgate Institute in London. This only the second radical bookfair and this year teaming up with the Alternative Press gang to takeover all three floors of Bishopsgate Institute, opposite Liverpool Street station. 130 exhibitors, author events, book…