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toysfornoise / Coexsystems
Insecticide / Acid Wastelands
[Audio Riots 03]

Release number three on the Audio Riots label, a transparent blue 7” , limited to 202 copies, with tracks by Netherlands’ toysfornoise on side A, dystopian metallic background noises, acid modulations and a bassdrum that reminds me of some tekno. The other side by the label boss Coexsystems, with a harder bass drum than on side A, and a more noticeable acid line, straight forward and punchy, classic acid hardcore with a modern face.

Pour The Poison Out And Let Them Play Until The End
[Unmapped North 03]
Freshly released on 2×10” comes this nice, 100 copies limited, package of 8 tracks from Thac0 and Unmapped North head 8Cylinder. The sleeve design is hand silkscreened and suits the other releases on the label, a very nice overall look as usual from this pittsburgh label. The first plate has six tracks with slow broken beats, very genre free, unpredictable modular-like sounds with a doomy atmosphere, deranged beat constructs which are maybe not easy to get into on the first listen, but that is definitly something good in this case. The second plate goes in the same direction, just that it contains two long single take recordings, which are a little wilder and faster, with bit crushed synths and a straighter beat that reminds of older 8Cylinder tracks or Theeq. More of that, please.

Reverse 12
[Bruits De Fond 23]
This release was planned to come out on Reverse Records, but due to the tragic death of label owner and mastering engineer Yann Dub, those tracks remained unreleased till now. Bruits De Fond took over to make them available as a digital release. Six tracks from 2002-09, of which 4 are collaborations with A034, Hecate, Skatolo and Creminel. Excellent, dark, industrial broken beats.

Sissy Spacek
Snell b/w Weather
[Dry Lungs Records, Hirntrust Grind Media – MDMA005, HIRNTRUST39]
Hirntrust is back together with Vienna’s Dry Lung Rec. and a noisy attack from Charlie Mumma & John Wiese aka Sissy Spacek. It sounds like a car with no tires but a lot of horsepower grinding down a crash barrier, and an offensive screaming pig is the driver. 2 tracks of unrestrained grindcore noise blast. 300copies.

Japa Habilidoso
Funk Do Sindicalismo / Agronomia Setorial
[Future Times – FT025]
It’s mostly filed under house but that doesn’t really fit. This record got my attention when a friend posted it, asking “is that good or not?” – it is. Both tracks with bpms around the 125 mark, the A-side plays with distorted crackles over a south american percussion, a guitar sample and a woman talking about something in portuguese language and later on some pot and pan beats are thrown, my favorite track on here. The other side goes in a more traditional way with a straight beat and a dreamy piano, the lady is talking again in between and a detuned hysteric guitar….a feverish cold house track with a lofi 80s touch. Made by DJ Guerrinha from Rio.

[Minor – MINOR URSA]
Someone is very pissed about scenes and environments. The frustration bear is loose! Tlic has a slap for almost everyone in the sleevenotes. music wise you get cold minimalistic industrial beats, raw and rusty. Orange 7” vinyl.

LFO Demon
Dubcore Volume 10
[Sozialistischer Plattenbau – spb7023]
Asgard Arkanoid sounds like 2003 never ended. It’s a rave explosion with everything you expect from the demon. A well proportioned mix of synth stabs, amen breaks and a ruffneck gabber feeling. No Sleep Till Ragnarök lets you think it’s a dub(step) track with a gloomy eastern movie atmosphere, but then it turns into a frenzy of 8 bit sounds, rave stabs and jungle breaks and going back and forth between those parts. 250 copies of drunken style dubcore on white 7” vinyl.

One World – Nowhere To Hide
[Sozialistischer Plattenbau – SPB12026]
Transluscent clear 12” vinyl with a clear screen printed sleeve to underline the title. Ultra slow metallic dub with slow motion glitch reggae snippets and speech samples. Seven frosty, nightmarish doomdub tracks from Hellsinki that make you feel like you had too much of the spliff that the lapps passed around in their tent.

10 Years Of Perc Trax EP 1-3/ Slowly Exploding
[Perc Trax]
This year was a very interesting year in techno and this Perc Trax anniversary release is probably my favorite. Two 12” and a 10” with 10 tracks or 2xCD /digital with one track more and a mix by label owner Perc. It’s a rare thing that almost every track is a killer on such a release but here it’s definitly the case. Drvg Cvltvre, Truss, Happa, Perc, Martyn Hare and others with very refreshing raw industrial techno and broken beats and a lot of distortion. Tip top.

The Swedish Pukebox
[Spin Dynamics – Spin-F 01]
The concept behind this record is that if you get one (for free) and you don’t like it, you should give it away to someone else without selling. Some of the records have artworks from kids who designed them in a summer course. The music seems to be a swedish affair, with eight interesting tracks between techno, hardcore, industrial, breaks and some funny experimental stuff, including a cosmonautic version of Suicides frankie teardrop. Value for no money!

Broken Bone
[Aperture – ap007]
A duo from Yorkshire on Andrea Parkers Aperture label. Industrial and dark ambient, broken beats and bleak noise blend together to a fine 12” with six tracks, or a digital release with twelve, but unfortunatly two of the best tracks are just on the digi version and not on the vinyl.

Bundesliedermacherwettbewerb Des Gesundheitsministeriums In Hessen 2013 “Ein Blumenstrauß Voller Möglichkeiten”
[Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse – RH009]
If you ever wondered what it sounds like when the conservative part of german society would make lo-fi home recordings, then look no further! On this tape you get 14 tracks of obscure spooky synth pop experiments and mental state observations from Hans-Joachim Hündgen, Peter Maybaum, Barbara Raupach, Stephanie Lara Voss and others.
Depressingly funny.

Lvnar Xtorxion
The newest tape on this very good tape label from France/ Belgium. Eight tracks between industrial broken beats, techno and speedcore. Distorted, cold and abrasive. Limited to 75 copies.


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