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Honey Disco 1-4 Honey Disco is a label from Canada that releases single-sided, clear 7” vinyls with beewax on the flipside and honey smell included.The first two releases by Hristo and Koosh contain some cool funkedelic disco-dub. Number three By Eddie C was my favorite so far, with a dubby…
  • KK Null – Star Breaker [ThirdTypeTapes, TTT18] Veteran noise/rock artist KK Null returns to a Belgian label (after last year’s excellent Pulsar X cd on Cyber City) for another outing that seems to further his crossover into more rhythmic territory. It’s great to hear shades of speedcore and broken beats…
  • all record reviews published in spring 2006 THE GAS CHAIR by Crawling Chaos Factory Benelux 6 -1982/Boutique 001 -2003 "Opening up a new genre of heavy modern. Three short haired awkward types from Tyneside who are a cross between Status Quo and Orchesteral Manoeuvers." Factory Newsletter No.2, 1980 This LP…