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Cut-Up-Marx 11-20


Illustration by Matthieu Bourel

Cut-Up-Marx Eleven

An element of capital
Labour itself
– Existence –

Placed in
and in
the valorisation

The worker
only real in terms of
the dead fact



Use value
like the form
would be spoilt
without further work
in endless ways
as twist is turned
will make of it
once more
the earlier work

Cut-Up-Marx Thirteen

when yarn is
is used
apart from
living time
the transitoriness
is the
change in form
of existence
outside the
dead object


Cut-Up-Marx Fourteen

The man who
The man who is being formed
is this different person who
transforms anyone
as well as
the mode of production
not (to) his great merit


Cut-Up-Marx Fifteen

Work cannot
cannot remain
capital being
this fixed standpoint
the greatest
amount of force
for enjoyment


Cut-Up-Marx Sixteen

No production — No consumption

Many forms

The inward object –The external object

Connected and
mutually expressed as their
being brought about by


Cut-Up-Marx Seventeen

We start
kept in mind

(the theoretical method
outside the head)

to lead
which differs from
thinking mind
in our heads


which works
a product of thought
a thought-aggregate

(again a tautology)

whose result is the world
of production
The real act

(Real when
thought is
as a category)


Cut-Up-Marx Eighteen

All production
in thought
have certain destinations
and effect
although differing
a state of formation
corresponding to a
‘government of law’
in other forms
even they forget
the modern police

(p. 21)

Cut-Up-Marx Nineteen

existence antedating
simple categories
we start
the subject
so that
outside the head
an independent
practical mind
differs from
the one employed


Cut-Up-Marx Twenty

The abstract definitions into an abstract definition

and conception
is the real starting point
and not as a starting point
in our thought

i.e. the concrete world market concludes with economy
because it is a combination of correct method and international
exchange such as labour by abstract reasoning more or less
money, value etc. arrived by the end always started out with

[a chaotic notion]
[an integral whole came back to the population]
[less and less complex abstractions]
[simpler ideas]
[our return journey]
[an empty word]


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