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After a long wait the second printed edition of Break/Flow is out. Following on from the first Break/Flow magazine, and from last years excellent 12”EP compilation (with the author’s collaborations with Adverse, Praxis and Unearthly, as well as tracks by Christoph de Babalon and a blast from the past from / homage to Eric Random.
Now re-incarnated in print form and collecting essays and texts by Howard Slater from 97-99, ( only a couple of which had been previously published in Autotoxicity), this edition is almost a book. Despite the disparate subject matter a kind of narrative unfolds tracing the “foretaste of freedom in those unexpunged communications that music and literature make tangible”, starting with Evacuate the Leftist Bunker, then collecting his pieces on Kafka and Factory Records, Marcel Proust and music, Abreaction – Notes on the Unconscious and Music, and concluded by Burnt Money Weekend.
This is Howard’s first serious collection of writings and a must for datacide readers (especially since there’s no reprints from datacide here). This is heavy reading, but always rewarding.
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