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AAA Action Update (1995)

“Action Update” by the (then) recently founded Association of Autonomous Astronauts printed in Alien Underground 0.1, London 1995:

We have declared that governments are incapable of organising successful space exploration programs. Whilst the world was set alight twenty-five years ago by the dream of space travel, what has happened since then to fire our imaginations? Failed promises from NASA, aborted attempts and even total disaster. The pathetic European Space Agency barely able to launch a weather satellite. And the ploddings of the Russians, who admittedly have recently established the worlds first full-time operating space station, but then how much faith can we put in a nation whose economy has been hijacked by organised crime? What is needed is an independent space exploration program, one that is not restricted by military, scientific or corporate interests.

We wish to escape from gravity, to rupture the fragile layer of skin between inner and outer space. Whilst NASA refuse to conduct any research into sex in space, we intend to explore the full range of sexual possibilties in zero gravity conditions.

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts will launch its independent, community-based space exploration program on St. Georges Day, April 23rd 1995 in the grounds of Windsor Castle. We have chosen this site because it was here that King George III supervised the first balloon experiments in England, thus ushering in the modern age of space exploration.

We are looking for intelligent and beautiful women and men to become Autonomous Astronauts, prepared to undergo a rigorous training schedule. We expect to have our first Autonomous Astronauts in space by the end of 1995. However, we will be unable to invite the media to our secret launch site for fear of possible leaks to the authorities, but we do intend to have a full press conference for the returning Autonomous Astronauts to inform the public about their experiences.

Only those that attempt the impossible will achieve the absurd.

For more information contact AAA, BM Jed, London, WC1N 3XX.
(Note 2010: address obsolete, for more on the AAA see HERE)

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