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Praxis + Break/Flow

‘Communist’ Seven Inch
Product Blueprint


Side A Cornelius Cardew: Smash Smash The Social Contract
Side B Royal Family & The Poor: Vaneigem Mix

(Could have cut-up readings from Marx (see over) as small tracks on either side to be recorded as layers with different amounts of echo and with Eastenders on in the background and including repeating turntable samples of Scritti Politti’s politico-pop hit ‘Wood Beez’ – particularly the lines “Oh lets forget our ownership” and “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do not to meet with your approval” as puncturation between quotes?)

Cover : Bright Red

Front image : Hammer and Sickle in black (inverted i.e. wrong way or negative of it)
in small text: “Communists of the world unite you have nothing to loose except your aversion to culture”

Back image : Godard still of actor holding up a magazine face in front of his own face or still of revolutionary meeting from La Chinoise.
in small text: “Maoists of the world unite you have nothing to loose except your aversion to Godard”

run-off texts: “Bourgeois of the world unite you have nothing to loose except your romantic idealisation of the working class” (Cardew Side)

“Workers of the world unite you have nothing to loose except your aversion to revolutionaries” (Royal Family side)

A5 Text insert: Small cryptic paragraph on front.
On back document of First International or record manufacturing invoice?

label art: simple small text of track titles printed white on black?.

**** No INFO, or contact numbers, completely anonymous, small run of 100. ****

Text Insert Idea
This record comes to you with halve a nod to both Bob Lasts (the fast and the kitsch) and the half of a Tony Wilson and in honour of all those who turned the lights out in ‘75. From Cardew’s misguided sincerity to the Royal Family’s berating of the manufactured wreckage this is our winter of discontent (a desiring content). Forget the crass-clash and scratch out the academy (pop stars dissolve anyway). So forging is really the prop of affect. Built from scraps and adapted, adopted and averse. Product too it is made on downtime. Stolen out of the interstices of production with the accent on a re-appropriation of the means of expression (cheers to the High Point C-Wing Massive … those Negri nights took us back to Skank Block Bologna… or should we say, in words that are hardly completely our own: “access to the means of production creates an upsurge in the means of expression”). It is if so this seven incher been made possible by exploiting those macho music industry postures that deal in such large sums (scums) that the sum stole here (we have contacts in the pressing plants) passes by the blurred vision of a plied-drunk auditor (super strength larger is only second to football in always making those cunts feel so working class). Voluntary proletarianisation is a bourgeois past-time. Class can be a mode of subjectivisation. Violence is in a glass but it’s in words too. And music. With such tools we have a history. A discontent given anonymous to you in solidarity with the wedges of samizdat that were barely waged and never granted. Jump you fucker. We’re back. Recirculating history with the terror of hindsight. Too powerful mistaken tracks.

Marx Quotes Contenders (from Selected Writings : Bottomore/Rubel, Pelican 1961)
italisation added for reading emphais. comments added in square brackets

“It follows from the whole proceeding analysis [a track can be an analysis] that the communal relationship into which the individuals of a class entered [as punters], and which was determined by their common interests over against a third party [promoters], was always a community to which these individuals belonged only asaverage individuals, only in so far as they lived within the conditions of existence of their class [adopting passive subjective coordinates … refusing to be expressed… conflating knowledge with another’s power]. It was a relationship in which they participated not asindividuals but as members of a class [undifferentiated and non-autonomous]. But with the community of revolutionary proletarians [re: post-media operators], who establish their control over the conditions of existence of themselves and the other members of society [at least, for now, the expressive portion of creative networks], it is just the reverse: the individuals participate as individuals. It is just this combination of individuals (assuming of course the advanced level of modern productive forces [MP3, Laptop, printers, postings etc]) which brings the conditions for the free development and activity of individuals under their own control, conditions which were formerly abandoned to chance [random contacts… the hidden third… mystical operations ] and which had acquired an independent existence over against the separate individuals [the mediating activity of the media and the academy … a divorcement from engagement in their own process…a reification that alienated them from their own power as they conformed to the demonisation of power as negative per se].

“Human emancipation will only be complete when the real, individual man has absorbed in himself the abstract citizen, when as an individual man, in his everyday life, in his work, and in his relationships, he has become a social being, and when he has recognised and organised his own powers (forces propres) as social powers, and consequently no longer separates this social power from himself as political power [Herein is a definition of micro-politics]” (241)

“The political revolt may be universal, but it conceals, under a gigantic form, a narrow spirit” (242)

“The realm of freedom only beging, in fact, where that labour which is determined by need and external purpose ceases; it is therefore, by its very nature, outside the sphere of material production proper” (259)

“The total product of our community is a social product” (256)


“A class must be formed which has radical chains, a class in civil society which is not a class of civil society, a class which is the dissolution of all classes, a sphere of society which has a universal character because its sufferings are universal, and which does not claim a particular redress because the wrong which is done to it is not a particular wrong but wrong in general. There must be formed a sphere of society which claims no traditional staus but only a human status, a sphere which is not opposed to particular consequences but is totally opposed to the
assumptions of the (…) political system, a sphere finally which cannot emancipate itself without emancipaing itself from all the other spheres of society, without therefore emancipating all these other spheres, which is, in short, a total loss of humanity and which can only redeem itself by a total redemption of humanity.” (190)

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