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Silvia Biagioni’s documentary on Praxis will be shown this Friday as a part of the Program of the Globale Film Festival. The Festival is taking place at Kino Movimento from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st, “Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise” will be screened Friday night at 21.30. Both Silvia as well as Christoph Fringeli will be there for questions/discussion.

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Best new music released between Datacide 14 and 15 (November 2014-February 2016).
These are some of the tracks and releases of 2015 played out frequently by Datacide contributors!
(no order)

JoeFarr: Longanimity EP (Leisure System 014)

Ripit: Lvnar Xtorxion (Thirdtypetapes 16)

Room 506: Drop Out/Red Embers

M.E.S.H.: Piteous Gate (Pan 66)

The Sprawl: E.P.1 (The Death Of Rave 13)

Shapednoise: Different Selves (Type 127)

Abelcain & Alexandra von Bolz’n: Heart Blood Steel (self-release)

In the Mouth of the Wolf: Need of Angels (Diagonal 028)

Mumdance & Logos: Proto (Tectonic 82)

Savier_BFC: Porks Is Porks (Bloody Funny Clown 02)

Ascion and D.Carbone: Substructures (3TH005)

GRMMSK: One World – Nowhere To Hide (Sozialistischer Plattenbau 12026)

Ansome & Ossian: PLS.UK001 (PLS.UK001)

Umwelt: When Past and Future Collapse (New Flesh 16)

8Cylinder: Pour The Poison Out And Let Them Play Until The End (Unmapped North 03)

Also check out Diskore’s mixes Xanax Order Online and Get Alprazolam Online where some of these tracks are played.

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THIS FRIDAY @ ShowBarlang
Radical Suburban Folkmusic
Base Force One (Praxis, Datacide, Berlin)
Lynx (Praxis, Datacide, Portland Oregon)
Almond Lama
Also tune into Davoria show on from 3am. Next day we meet Christoph Fringeli, the editor of Datacide Magazine, and founder of Praxis Records.

Szombaton 18h-tól a Müsziben Christoph Fringelivel, a Datacide szerkesztőjével és a Praxis Records alapítójával beszélgetünk.

A helyszínen Datacide kiadványok kaphatóak!

Az esemény ingyenes!

Szombaton 18h-tól a Müsziben Christoph Fringelivel, a Datacide szerkesztőjével és a Praxis Records alapítójával beszélgetünk.

A helyszínen Datacide kiadványok kaphatóak!

Az esemény ingyenes!

Az eredetileg londoni székhelyű Datacide magazin először 1997-ben jelent meg, és továbbra is működik de azóta már Berlinben. Ezidáig két könyvet adtak ki, amiket a szerkesztő Christoph Fringeli mutat majd be egy beszélgetés keretében a Datacide történetéről az underground kiadványok találkozásáról az experimentális elektronikus zene, a radikális politika, fesztivál kultúra és autonóm nyomdai kiadványok határmezsgyéjén haladva.

Jóideje az egyik kiemelkedő jelentőségű projekt az “EVERYTHING IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS” néven futó első könyv, ami teljes Datacide kiadványokat tartalmaz 1997 és 2008 között. Ez egy egyedi gyűjtemény ami első sorban az elektronikus zene és free fesztiválok által képviselt ellenkultúrával foglalkozik, manapság már nehezen hozzáférhető anyagokat tartalmaz.

A második egy zsebkönyv méretű almanac ami irányvonalat mutat a Datacide univerzum megismeréséhez, a kapcsolódó lemezkiadó a Praxis records és
a bővebb underground hálózathoz aminek részesei.

A könyvek az esemény alatt megvásárolhatóak.

Datacide, the Magazine for Noise & Politics first appeared in 1997, originally based in London and continues today operating from Berlin.
Now Datacide have published two books, and editor Christoph Fringeli will present them with a talk about the history of Datacide and underground publishing in the intersections of experimental electronic music, radical politics, festival culture and autonomous print creations.

A major project in the works for quite some time, the first book contains the complete issues 1-10 of datacide, which originally appeared from 1997-2008. Titled “EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS”, the 364 page volume collects unique material, most of which has been out of print for many years, charting a one-of-a-kind history of the counter-cultures associated with electronic music and free festivals.

The second book is a pocket sized almanac providing entry points into the universe of Datacide, the associated record label Praxis and the extended underground network they are a part of.

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VERMIN edition #14

Party s : ! : ! ! : ::
Lynx (Praxis, Datacide, Portland Oregon)
Base Force One (Praxis, Datacide, Berlin)
urbanfailure (
BassTom (
dskg (noise Bratislava)

… a prezentacia Knihy vydanej: Praxis & Datacide
Book release “EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS – Datacide Magazine 1-10 in one Volume”

Talk by editor Christoph Fringeli about counter-cultural and underground publishing, the history of Datacide and new projects.

Slovakian announcement text:

Začiatok 90tych rokov je obdobie, kedy sa časť rozmáhajúcej sa elektronickej hudobnej scény vzďaľuje od mainstreamu a miesto populárnych klubov si svoje miesto hľadá v opustených skladoch, squatoch, verejných priestranstvách a vďaka pirátskym vysielačom aj v éteri veľkomiest. Toto vymknutie sa spod kontroly má za následok zvýšený záujem polície a v UK ústi až do prípravy zákona Criminal Justice Act, ktorý je namierený hlavne proti ilegálnym parties a teknivalom organizovaných potulnými soundsystémami.
V tejto atmosfére v roku 1994 vychádza nulté číslo časopisu (vtedy ešte pod názvom Alien Underground) s podtitulom Techno Theory for Juvenile Deliquents (teória techna pre mladistvých delikventov). Okrem recenzii nahrávok (hlavne techno, industrial a core všetkých druhov), DJ chartov a rozhovorov s hudobníkmi obsahuje články ako Bojuj proti Criminal Justice Bill alebo Nič podstatné sa neudeje pokiaľ pri tom nie je hluk (akýsi antikomerčný techno manifest), čím vyjadruje ambíciu stať sa niečím viac, než len hudobným fanzinom.
Neskôr sa časopis premenováva na DATACIDE a nepravideľne vychádza až do dnes pokrývajúc široké spektrum tém.
Štrnáste špeciálne štvrtkové vydanie párty Vermin je venované tomuto magazínu a to práve pri príležitosti knižného vydania prvých desiatich čísel pod názvom Everything Else Is Even More Ridiculous.
Knihu, časopis ale aj iné svoje projekty a aktivity (ako napríklad renomovaný label Praxis s viac ako 50 vydanými platňami na konte), príde osobne predstaviť človek v pozadí, sám Christoph Fringeli.
Jeho hudobné alterego BASE FORCE ONE bude zároveň headlinerom tohoto vydania Verminu. Očakávame, že vo svojom sete predstaví experimentálnejší ale úderný breakcore typický pre Praxis releasy. V podobnom štýle mu bude sekundovať DJka LYNX z amerického Portlandu.
Domácu stranu zastúpia: živým technotrashom URBANFAILURE z Urbsounds, DSKG noisovou power elektronikou a BASSTOM z Gabba team Pressburg Hard&Break core DJ setom.
Štvrtok, 21.1.2016 @FUGA, Vstupné 5 EUR

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As always in the first days of the new year we publish a list of the most read articles on datacide (online) during the previous year:

1. Buy Liquid Xanax Online. This nice piece on the 80′s dance underground in London is from Datacide Ten, published in 2008 and already the most read article for the last two years! And since last year it also has become the most read piece on this site, overtaking the Coil Interview from 1986, which was still the second most read piece in 2015:

2. Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy plus Introduction. Classic interview with John Balance – originally published in the Zine “turn to crime” (Vision 2). Vision was of course the predecessor of Praxis/Datacide. Reprinted in Datacide Nine (2006/2014)

3. Buy Xanax Strips by Christoph Fringeli. Getting read more and more – and predictably STILL getting the usual flak from fanboys and apologists… Originally from Datacide Nine (2006)

4. Cheap Xanax Bars by Stewart Home from Datacide Eleven, based on his talk at the 2008 datacide conference in Berlin, and in each top 10 since then… Originally published in Datacide Eleven (2011).

5. Safe Xanax Online by Christoph Fringeli from Datacide Eleven (2011). This was the most read article in 2011, number 5 in 2012, number 3 in 2013 and 5 in 2014 as well as this year.

6. Buying Xanax Online Cheapest by Jo Burzynska – always in this chart since 2011, this is the oldest Datacide article here – from Datacide Two, 1997.

7. Buying Xanax Online Bluelight by CF is another text with a a steady readership, both previous years at number 8, in 2014 it dropped out of the “top 10” only to re-appear again this year. Originally from Datacide Nine.

8. For the first time in this list is a short article about the text Where To Order Xanax Online Forum by the writer Ernst Jünger, originally published as an appendix to “From Subculture to Hegemony” (see number 5 in this list).

9. When I landed at Gatwick Airport a couple of months ago the HSBC advertising campaign which served as the launching pad for this article by Split Horizon was still running (as it probably was elsewhere). The question remains: Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires. From Datacide Twelve, 2012.

10. The most read article from Datacide Fourteen in 2015 is John Eden’s account of the Hackney police’s “community relations”: Cheap Xanax 2Mg.

11. Walter Marchetti was the subject of an essay by Howard Slater written in 2000 titled Order Xanax Online In Usa (published in Datacide Eight in 2002). Many people read it following Marchetti’s death in May 2015.

12. Purchasing Xanax In Mexico with Mark Harrison from issue Thirteen by Neil Transpontine. Essential for those interested in the history of the 23 tribe and free party culture!

13. Xanax Tablets Online, one of Howard Slater’s excellent writing on film (from Datacide Eight, 2002)

14. DJ Controlled Weirdness on the old New York and its nightlife before gentrification took hold (Datacide Fourteen, 2014): Buy Xanax Vietnam, a great sequel to his You’re Too Young to Remember the Eighties.

15. Bluelight Xanax Online – one of the articles that appeared in Datacide (this one in issue Eleven, 2011) dealing with the reggae soundsystem culture and its history, by John Eden.

16. Also by John Eden is this interview: Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap which gives great insight into some of the more interesting industrial culture.

17. Xanax Online Italia by Hannah Lammin

18. Cheap Xanax From India by Neil Transponine.

19. This online-only article Liquid Alprazolam Online by JR from 2008 had a steep surge of readership in spring 2014 and was still read often enough in the following year to make it into this “top 20”.

20. Buy Alprazolam Online With Mastercard by CF, originally published in Datacide Ten.

Rather than making it a “top ten” as in previous years, we decided to enlarge it to include the 20 most read pieces. After all we don’t necessarily want people to keep reading the same articles, as interesting as they are, but hopefully discover new ones as well. For this reason we add three more (more or less randomly chosen) articles which for some reason haven’t nearly received the attention they deserve.

-3: Book review of Buy Gador Alprazolam by CF from Datacide Fourteen. Revolution & Left Communism!

-2: Where To Buy Alprazolam Online by Robert Old – Electronica, X-Files, Information War… Auto-Toxicity! …from Datacide Eight.

-1: Howard Slater on Npdrugs Cheap Xanax Online, more writing on film from Datacide Four (1998)!