Transgressions: A Journal of Urban Exploration.

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A post-situ book-sized journal with the accent upon psycho-geography, political debate and urbanism. Transgressions contains field reports of ‘drifts’ , an article by the Luther Blissets’ on multiple names and various review articles. However this issue is notable for its inclusion of a text by painter and pre-situ Asger Jorn. His ‘Critique of Economic Policy’ is something of situ gem in that, to quote the abstract, it #“addresses the inability of marxism to provide a coherent interpretation of value” and posits an assertion of “the liberating nature of art…. as a source of counter value”. Jorn’s text is hard going but its contrariness to situ and leftist orthodoxy makes it compelling: a route back to 1959. To start all over again send £7 to Salamander Press, Island House, Roserton Street, London E14.

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