The Endless Short Story – a six year loop

A sample of the peal of a church bell has been copied and transposed to produce eight bell sounds which form the basis of a loop. The eight bells are tuned to a major scale, with the interval between the lowest and highest pitch being a single octave. Because the original sample was transposed to form the notes of the scale, the lower pitches have a longer duration and so repeat at a slower rate. The piece starts with all eight bells striking simultaneously, and reaches its conclusion at the repetition of this event, 6 years and 230 days in the future. [Read more →]


WE CALLED IT TECHNO: New Order: Video 586 [Touch]
A 20 minute long studio dabble from New Order recorded as a test for Blue Monday but shifted to the role of Hacienda video soundtrack finds here its first vinyl release. An intriguing track that marked the onset of a recombinant disco music shot through with a waning punk ethos. This move by New Order (circa 1982) really was disliked at the time by many in the rock mindset but listening back this track manages to retain something of its original neu-funk impact. Wavering on the borderline. [Read more →]

DATACIDE 5 – record reviews

all record reviews published in issue nr.5, winter 1998/1999. [Read more →]


The Pop Group: We Are All Prostitutes (Radar CD)
Simultaneous to the release of new tracks by Mark Stewart (featuring re-mixes by Alec Empire etc.) this CD draws tracks from an earlier phase of Stewart’s recording history. Though more widely acknowledged for his uncompromising collaborations with renegade hip-hop musicians like the Sugarhill label’s Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald, the Pop Group, famous for their politically motivated funk-combo work, show, in retrospect, just how such cut-up, scratch-fest classics as the auto-dissolving Veneer of Democracy came about. [Read more →]


X-Ecutioners: X-Pressions [Asphodel]
Mix-Master Mike: Anti-Theft Device [Asphodel]

It may perhaps be an indication of the renewed currency of electro that has led some hip-hop practitioners to revisit the roots of their genre and discover anew the beauties of the beat box and of scratching; a kind of ever present picking up of the ‘Bambaataa Mission’. That electro led to hip-hop is hardly a point worth stre#ssing, but a couple of recent releases on New York’s Asphodel label show that hip-hop, perhaps being carried in the slipstream of the Wordsound label’s openness towards experimentation, is mutating and bringing into collision some of the differing elements of its tradition. On the otherhand it’s probably best not to loose sight of the fact that visibility is mediated, and, even without much of a handle on the hip-hop scene, it must also be a case of hip-hop elements continually subsisting beneath exposure and the generalisations of category that they induce… [Read more →]

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