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Datacide Best of 2009
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No-Tek 14 – La Glace a la Viande EP
DM12003 – Poxxe – Iono EP
Harbinger Sound 76 – Sudden Infant – Under My Bed
Ad Noiseam 110 – Somatic Responses – Reformation
Feed the Machine 01 – V/A
3BY3001 – Cloaks – Against / Rust on Metal
Praxis 47 – Crisis Theory – dubs
Monkey Tool 10 – a034 – Unrecoverable Clusters
Hymen 56 – Imminent – Cask Strength
Sub/Version 14 – Amboss – Kompressorwahn / Avenida Paulista

Datacide ten – record reviews

all record reviews published in the latest issue from autumn 2008
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Corollary to “In Skatebored We Noize” by dj Balli (+ Bel.04)
For decades now Situationism has been subsumed by the historification assembly line, emptied of any subversive potential. It is a corpse, an object of interest offrom Academy’s forensic scientists in search of pret-a-portér radicalisms. However, some of its “practical-theoretical” organs have been transplanted. For example, the alternative use of urban space performed in such an explicit way by psychogeographical dérives stands as a founding element of skateboarding.
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Datacide 9 – record reviews

all record reviews published in spring 2006
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Cabaret Voltaire:

The Attic Tapes 1974-1978 [Mute- Grey Area]

Slipstreamed out a little by the recent art world worship of TG, this 3CD release of early Cabs material is something of a crucial release. Never ones for the limelight and shying away from the expressionistic excesses of performance art that propelled TG into public view, CV got on with making experiments in their early years that are as provocative if not ‘better’ produced than the tracks they began to commit to vinyl from 1978. This collection of tracks highlights what’s missing in music-practice these days: a blissful lack of conceited self-consciousness and a determination to use the force of sound as a means to change consciousness rather than to trade in ‘sign value’. [Read more →]

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