Datacide Eight


datacide eight

Release Date: October 2002. 44 Pages.

Datacide: Introduction
sko!: Los Angeles Scene Report
Jack Alley: SPOR
May Day London Report (2001)
Boris Domalain: Techno+
Rachael Kozak: HWF is Dead – Long live the HWF
Boris Domalain: LSD, LSQ & the Free
Terrorism Bill
CF: More Trouble in the Balkans
Anomie: Hunting, Huntington etc
CF: Terror Against Terror
Matthew Hyland: CONTINUOUS CRISIS: Historical action and passion in Antonio Negri’s Insurgencies
Matthew Hyland: REFUGEE SUBJECTIVITY: ‘Bare life’ and the Geographical Division of Labour
Christoph Fringeli: Psychiatry – Social Hygiene and Mind Control
SPK/PF(H): Turn Illness into a Weapon
Howard Slater: Godard – THE CHILD OF MARX & COCA COLA: On Godard’s Masculin/Feminin
Matthew Fuller: The World Made Flesh
Robert Old: Submission Soundtracking
stevvi: An Interview with Slepcy
Howard Slater: All was Music. On Walter Marchetti.
Record Reviews

plus: news, charts, and the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.

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Note: This issue is no longer available as single copy, but the whole issue is featured in the collection Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous: A Decade of Noise & Politics – Datacide Magazine 1-10.

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