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Further into the Mission of the HWF…


EIght months have passed since the formation of the Homewrecker Foundation and with them came an onslaught of other “all-female” labels and movements. Seems to me that this was the perfect time to wreck the shit in the otherwise male dominated domain…especially since we are still the only real ones doing it.

First off is the CD compilation, “The Female of the Species”, a collection of tracks made by women, (and guess what) compiled, produced and promoted by a man. My only question to this guy, is if he just wanted a date out of it. The women involved should’ve cared enough to ask who is organising this, and paying for it. It is simply not enough to be pimped out by some bloke, just hoping he can bank on the current imbalance of women in electronic music. As you will shortly see, this is not the first example of this type of opportunistic behaviour, which has exploded since our crusade first began.
Absolute reactionary behaviour has also surfaced from the DHR camp, who have finally released the “manifestoes” of their supposed all-girl label Fatal, both on the internet and their self-promotional magazine. Hanin Elias, the queen bee of DHR, has written some type of pro-female dribble which includes a promise that they will destroy “power, money, industry, and god”…Yeah just as soon as Atari fans start thee riot. Hanin comes across as desperate, with her manifesto written 3 weeks after the Homewrecker’s was distributed globally, and years since her last solo album (which was written and produced by Alec Empire).
My main problem with Fatal doesn’t lie in these petty facts though, the real aggravation stems from the lack of practical technical knowledge this troop of women supply in the 16 pages they have to work with. If we add it up, between these riot girls – they can play a biscuit on a turntable (courtesy of Kirsten Reynolds), scream around, program a 606, and use some type of vague synth without even a sequencer. Sounds really innovative. At least Kathleen Hanna quickly mentioned reading a technical manual, which is essential. Nic Endo’s advice to girls wanting to get involved was to buy a mini-sampler and a 4-track recorder. Are women destined to rely on a man to sequence and engineer while they come up with some synth drones? Not one of them mentioned getting on the internet, picking up a book on synthesis/recording technique, or some type of trade mag to find out what these “toys” are supposed to do in the first place. In addition, not one mentioned getting a £50 amiga or using your school’s/family’s desktop computer. For a label called Digital Hardcore, I am surprised not to hear about any digital harddisk recording software or technique being mentioned, but I have a few ideas as to why.
On a more supportive note, the HWF has achieved bringing a variety of women together, all with differing backgrounds and skills which we will pull together to make the sum greater than the parts. Sound engineers. Video producers. DJ’s. Writers. Photographers. Musicians. Computer programmers. Trouble makers. These are the skills which we have to share with and learn from each other. The Homewrecker Foundation is a cohesive team that is always changing – and with it, each one of us. There is no one right way to approach technology, but do not forget, it takes time and dedication. There is no better time to start than now. For more information on how you can help further the advancement of women’s role in technology-

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