“WR: Mysteries of the Organism” Screening 16/12



WR: Mysteries of the Organism
(Directed by Dusan Makaveyev, 1971, English and Serbo-Croation with English Subtitles, 85 minutes)
16 December, 20 Uhr @ Cagliostro / Praxis Shop – Lenbachstr. 10 Ostkreuz, Berlin

Datacide presents the screening of “WR: Mysteries of the Organism” at Cagliostro on 16 December at 20,00. Originally titled “WR (Wilhelm Reich): Mysteries of the Orgasm”, this subversive critique was shown only at a few cinemas in Yugoslavia in 1971 and then banned. This forced the director to emigrate in order to continue his relentless critique of Marxist-Lennism, traditional sexual politics and all anti-liberatory tendencies of the Cold War era. “WR” masterfully uses collage filmic technique to interlace documentary, fictional and found footage together into a combative story on Reich’s sexual politics. The collage techniques shock the viewer and instigating critique at every level. Datacide (C. Fringeli and Nemeton) will make a short introduction and a discussion with the viewing audience at the end of the film to highlight some of the aesthetic and political issues.


Further into the Mission of the HWF…


EIght months have passed since the formation of the Homewrecker Foundation and with them came an onslaught of other “all-female” labels and movements. Seems to me that this was the perfect time to wreck the shit in the otherwise male dominated domain…especially since we are still the only real ones doing it.
[

Sex is Vinyl.

Homewrecker Recordings exists on multiple levels (as label, ideology, politics and practice) in a multitude of locations (North America, Europe – the world) and amongst a multiplicity of
identities (gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class…). Born of a want, a need and a desire to include the issue of “gender” and its problematics into not only the lexicon of a certain mode of music, within a certain conceptual sphere, but also into various ways of being. Homewrecker Recordings recognizes the shifting, the unstable and the contested pronouncement of “gender” “female” “(wo)man” or “girl” or even the questions raised concerning the notion of
(cultural) identity. Yet, Homewrecker Recordings deliberately seeks out this contested terrain in order to force the issue onto the (turn)table. In a patriarchal system the politics of gender do indeed matter. [Read more →]