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The crowd is the thing. You start with a meeting point and a time.There’s a another meeting going on. The G8 in Cologne. That sets the time. June 18th. The bankers and politicians have had long enough. A series of meetings; the Encuentros for Humanity and Against Neo-Liberalism called by the Zapatistas in Chiapas and in Spain; the meeting of activists from India, Europe, East Asia a few different Americas and enough other places that happened in Switzerland last year build up the way things can get going. The slogan goes “Our Resistance Must be as Global As Capital”, it’s a web site (www.bak.spc.org/j18), its a poster, paper newsletter (also at www.schnews.org.uk), cheap stickers, a line of graffiti, new lines of alliance to be invented. Enough groups round the world trying out new ways of trying it on. Setting up marches is the old way of doing things. Everything in straight lines. Fact is the political slouch through the city is just too slow for nowadays. The shape people want to throw on the streets is a different one.
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Even the WTO’s own web site doesn’t leave much doubt as to the reason of its existence: “enjoy secure supplies and greater choice of (…) raw materials and services.” – “Producers and exporters know that foreign markets wil remain open to them.” It is suggesting that indeed it has the means of solving problems that otherwise could or would lead to armed conflict and instability. What this means is clear, the emphasis is on freedom of the market as opposed to people, to a radical disregard of the needs of workers and the environment in the view of profits of multinationals. A new world order that guarantees the free circulation of capital, unhindered access to raw material and cheap labour.
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The police and the media did everything they could to make us believe that last year’s Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho bombs were the work of one lonely madman. Their efforts were more than just an improvised attempt to contain local fury after the Brixton attack (although that’s certainly one thing they were): the ‘deranged loner’ fantasy is still being promoted long after the second and third explosions eliminated any doubt about the bomber’s motive.
The treatment of ‘right wing’ violence as a psychological symptom rather than a political problem is no accident, it’s a new ‘multi-agency’ policy. Five or ten years ago racism was Britain’s dirty secret, only mentioned publicly at all when forced onto the agenda by a riot or a sensationally brutal murder. Now everything seems to have changed: the prime minister delivers homilies on the subject at every opportunity, and the word is all over all the front pages. But this sudden eagerness to ‘talk about it’ has an important condition attached: acceptance that ‘it’ is something wrong with individuals, a personal failing shared by millions of people. The portrayal of ‘racism’ as sin or sickness (Tony Blair likes to call it a ‘disease’) leaves those encountering it in their everyday lives helpless and isolated. The threat appears to be eternal and inescapable: instead of planning retaliation, ‘victims’ are made to feel reliant on the state for protection, or to look for symptoms of the ‘evil’ deep inside themselves.
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Critical Art Ensemble
Autonomedia, 1998

Critical Art Ensemble’s first two volumes, The Electronic Disturbance and Electronic Civil Disobedience, established that they’re among the few people saying something coherent about ‘nomadic power’, and even more unusually, proposing an organizational model for resistance. Flesh Machine promises to extend their critique of techno-politics to cover bodily experience and the role of health administration.
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