REFUGEE SUBJECTIVITY – ‘Bare life’ and the Geographical Division of Labour

In the border country
They’ve done it all
We kept watch
As they smashed the wall

Swell Maps, “Border Country” (1980)

While trans-national institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO clear the way for capital to move freely across the globe, European States are barricading their borders as if they expected a foreign army to invade.

In most of continental Europe this means the Schengen agreement, which suspends monitoring of borders between participating countries but gives immigration authorities unprecedented powers of surveillance, search and detention everywhere in the territory, not just at frontiers and ports of entry. Britain, meanwhile, is playing its part with the 1999 asylum Act, quietly pushed through by the Labour government under cover of the ‘anti racist’ Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. (A Home Office Green Paper explicitly links the two initiatives.)
The term ‘asylum seeker’ suddenly replaced ‘refugee’ in media and parliamentary language around the time of last Tory immigration act, finally passed in 1996. Wheras ‘refugee’ implies an active attempt [Read more →]

Datacide Eight


datacide eight

Release Date: October 2002. 44 Pages.

Datacide: Introduction
sko!: Los Angeles Scene Report
Jack Alley: SPOR
May Day London Report (2001)
Boris Domalain: Techno+
Rachael Kozak: HWF is Dead – Long live the HWF
Boris Domalain: LSD, LSQ & the Free
Terrorism Bill
CF: More Trouble in the Balkans
Anomie: Hunting, Huntington etc
CF: Terror Against Terror
Matthew Hyland: CONTINUOUS CRISIS: Historical action and passion in Antonio Negri’s Insurgencies
Matthew Hyland: REFUGEE SUBJECTIVITY: ‘Bare life’ and the Geographical Division of Labour
Christoph Fringeli: Psychiatry – Social Hygiene and Mind Control
SPK/PF(H): Turn Illness into a Weapon
Howard Slater: Godard – THE CHILD OF MARX & COCA COLA: On Godard’s Masculin/Feminin
Matthew Fuller: The World Made Flesh
Robert Old: Submission Soundtracking
stevvi: An Interview with Slepcy
Howard Slater: All was Music. On Walter Marchetti.
Record Reviews

plus: news, charts, and the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.

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Note: This issue is no longer available as single copy, but the whole issue is featured in the collection Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous: A Decade of Noise & Politics – Datacide Magazine 1-10.

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