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News Datacide 15, pt.2: Infiltration and Agents Provocateurs

Infiltration and Agents Provocateurs
A heavily redacted FBI document revealed that the FBI in 2011 used agent provocateurs against Occupy Houston to gather information and photographs, spy on supporters and activists, and then planned to ‘kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles’. A federal judge ruled that the FBI could refuse to release the documents un-redacted to conceal the identities of the infiltrators who joined OH, which the FBI labeled as an ‘organized violent group’.

In January 2015, Eric McDavid, who had been convicted to 19 years for ‘domestic terrorism’ in his role in an Earth Liberation Front plot in California in 2005, was released from prison after serving 9 years when federal prosecutors agreed to a settlement when it was exposed that thousands of pages of evidence were withheld from the defense during the 2007 trial. The concealed evidence included a plethora of information about the FBI agent provocateur known as ‘Anna’, who had a ‘romantic relationship’ with McDavid, and entrapped the small ELF cell into conspiring to bomb the Nimbus Dam, cellphone towers, science labs and other targets. ‘Anna’ was central to entrapping other protesters as well.

A recent Human Right Watch report documented that half of all ‘terrorism’ prosecutions in the U.S. involve informants/ undercover agents. 30% of all ‘terrorism’ sting operations have informants/provocateurs heavily invovled in the plots. The use of undercover informants in ‘domestic terrorism’ cases is especially widespread in entrapping people in Muslim American communities.

In January 2016, a woman known as Andrea sued the London Metropolitan police for suffering ‘abusive, cold-hearted, psychological torture’ in the deception of agent provocateur ‘Carlo Neri’, with whom Andrea had a relationship and accepted a marriage proposal. Neri infiltrated the Socialist Party, where he spied on Andrea and others. Neri eventually ended his relationship with Andrea, and was in fact already married with a child. The Guardian and BBC Newsnight have chosen not to reveal Neri’s real name.

In November 2015, the London Metropolitan police offered an official apology and agreed to an out of court settlement with seven of the eight women who filed a civil suit against the police for the agent provocateurs who committed a variety of abuses, sexual assault, rape, deceit, and breaches of human rights. The infiltrators named in the suit are Bob Lambert, John Dines, Mark Jenner, Jim Boyling and Mark Kennedy. In January 2016, the eighth woman in the collective suit, known as Kate Wilson, continued her own legal action against the Met and Kennedy, and a judgment will be forthcoming from the presiding judge. In October 2014, the Met agreed to pay 425,000 pounds to one of the claimants known as Jacqui, who argued that she had been ‘raped by the state’ and had a child with Lambert while he spied on her and other activists. In December 2015, Lambert quit his teaching positions at St. Andrews and London Metropolitan universities where he taught classes on terrorism, counter-terrorism, and far-right political violence. Lambert, while operating as an infiltrator, also had another deceitful abusive sexual relationship with the activist Belinda Harvey. He also stole and used the identity of a dead boy to further his political infiltration. Other exposed agent provocateurs in connected cases include Lynn Watson, who operated in Scotland, Peter Francis, Marco Jacobs, Rod Richardson and Simon Wellings, as well as their police supervisors.

The criminal convictions of another 83 political activists could be overturned in the UK due to the use of fake personas and false evidence presented by undercover police infiltrators at the trials. Already, another 57 environmental activists have had their convictions dropped because key evidence gathered by infiltrators was concealed in court or other instances of misconduct.


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