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Human Pyramid 3 + 3 + 3

Human pyramid is a distinctive feature of the Italian gabber scene. Some of his initiates known locally as “Hardcore Warriors” started to rise up shoulders upon shoulders, deltoid upon deltoid until the strongest of the group touched the ceiling of the club. And in this very moment lights were back, the night was OOVVVEEERRR. In my “Music to Make Human Pyramid with” (Mokum 221) I explored the human pyramid ritual from an audio-ethnological point of view so

1) from yearly Herndon Mountain Climb where first year Marines stormed a 21-foot-high obelisk at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis slipping and sliding around a monument covered in 50 pounds of vegetable shortening


2) Castells, since some years inscribed by Unesco in the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity, which consists of human towers built traditionally in Catalonia, AUDIO-COMMENTARY: to

3) Dahi Handi in India where young men make human pyramid and attempt to break the pot with Dahi (yougurt) hanging in a pot.


In this short piece I’m going to add other 3 + 3 bricks to build this 9 pieces pyramid that’s currently in the making within this text. -4)The White Helmets, was a group of serving soldiers from the Royal Corps of Signals of the British Army, who gave public displays of motorcycling skills, acrobatics and stunt riding. Probably the most reknowned of their stunts was the MORTOCYCLE PYRAMID. The team was disbanded at the end of 2017.


– 5) Speculating that Egyptians began stacking themselves into triangular structures far earlier than previously thought, professors at Cairo University announced Friday that they had unearthed skeletal remains of the first human pyramid. “While little is known about the third dynasty of Ancient Egypt, we now believe King Djoser ordered the construction of a massive, technically difficult human pyramid by over a dozen citizens expertly crouching on top of one another,” said lead researcher Dr. Nour al-Busiri, adding that the nearly 5,000-year-old structure, which was found along the West Bank of the Nile river, featured the bones of servants at the bottom, family members in the middle, and finally, the deceased Pharaoh cheering wildly at the top. “While we have unearthed several human pyramids from the Old Kingdom under King Sneferu, we now believe Egyptians were likely experimenting with shoulder stands and basket tosses as early as 2780 B.C.”


6) Forze d’Ercole were physical trials & games mostly consisting in Human Pyramid, in which the “Nicolotti” & the “Castellani” traditional Venice crews challenged each other in historical times. AUDIO-COMMENTARY:

7) Bo-Taoshi is an extreme Japanese sport played with 150 people, split into two teams. The game is played around a large wooden pole in the middle of a field. One team’s objective is to defend the pole, while the other’s is to attack it. Despite the simple nature of the game similar to our “Capture-the-Flag”, with one large pole and 150 participants, havoc is inevitable.


8) Performers riding on horses form a human pyramid during the opening ceremony of an ethnic minority sports meet in Haiyan county, Northwest China’s Qinghai province, July 2, 2015. More than 600 people participated in the games that included horse racing, wrestling, and archery among events. (Zhang Haiwen)


9) Finally switching dimension, from vertical to horizontal: the Human Mandala project is an intentional art project created to help bring awareness to the power of sacred geometry and the power of intention. It assists the planet and it’s people in letting go of old energetic patterns through the power of resonating geometric forms and human intention. Blending community involvement and sacred play, each Human Mandala explore the vibrations that can be created when every member come together for something bigger than his/her/them existence.The Human Mandala Project will be creating and photographing the largest human mandala ever at Burning Man. Our organization/photography team will be gathering the masses of Black Rock City to participate in this sacred rite of passage. For now the Human Mandala Burning Man photo shoot is only a Kickstarter with 27 supporters contributing 4.032 $ to realize the project.

AUDIO-COMMENTARY: “I wanna be an Hippy” by Technohead choose the remix version you prefer.

DJ Balli

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