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London Psychogeographical Association: Belief Is The Enemy

From Alien Underground 0.0, London 1994
by LPA


A thread runs through the recent constitutional debate initiated by Prince Charles — the thread of faith. By proposing himself as the Defender of Faith, the wanna-be king hopes to resolve the prospect of being debarred from the throne for being married to a Roman Catholic. Princess Diana has held back from declaring her allegiance to Rome, although it is public knowledge that she is ‘under instruction’ — a technical term describing a brain-washing technique that would-be converts to Rome are obliged to undergo.
Diana’s restraint has forced Charles to fight against the constitutional restrictions against Roman Catholics — under threat of losing the throne.
But Charles cunningly diverted the papal assault on what he regards as his inheritance, by upping the stakes and going one step further — if he has to embrace the Catholic church, he will embrace the Muslim religion, the Hindu, even the Zoroastrian . . . and he will reconstitute his royal position as Defender of Faith. He is taking up a theme which has been worked and reworked by the British Establishment over the last century. From one end the Stalinist publisher Victor Gollancz put the humanist case that Judaism, Christianity and all other religions should be superseded by one great ethical world religion, the brotherhood of man. On the other hand an alphabet soup of organisations have been created since the 1893 Parliament of Religions held in conjunction with the Chicago Worlds Fair.
This reorganisation of the systematic fraud, deceit and subterfuge which constitute not only religion, but also its false opponents of secularism and humanism, has been necessitated by the quantitative and qualitative development of capitalism. As the information revolution proceeds with mechanisation of the imagination, this new religion of ‘monodeism’ will re-emerge in a new form dictated by the structure of the information super-highway.
While Charles has been floating his proposal, former Gresham professor Richard Chartres, the Bishop of Stepney, has been organising inter-faith prayer sessions. Chartres has controversial views on the nature of prayer — perhaps derived from his studies with the monks of the Egyptian deserts. Meanwhile Sir Christopher Zeeman finished his stint as Gresham Professor of Geometry boasting of his knowledge of ancient Chaldean number philosophy so dear to the fifteenth century religious reformer George Gemistus Pletho. At the Council for Church Unity held in Florence in 1439 Pletho moved beyond the goal reuniting the Christian Churches by proclaiming that the whole world would soon have a new faith — one mind, one soul, one sermon — and that this would supersede Christianity, Islam and all other existent religions. In this return to Hellenistic hermetism ‘absolute truth would flower again throughout the whole universe’.
Charles’s plan to become Defender of Faith shows that the hermetic idealism of the renaissance which has for so long hidden itself away in occult groups like the Freemasons is preparing to usher itself unto the centre stage spectacular social control. But whereas this faction of the elite may shout that it doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as you believe, we respond that belief is the enemy.

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