Datacide 12

i..n..s..i..d..e t..h..e n..i..g..h..t


i..n..s..i..d..e  t..h..e  n..i..g..h..t

In the night everyting disappears into packs

Day is where the dichotomy of light and dark reigns, but night takes the trip inside itself whispering and unushered

A continual offer of bewilderment

This is a night where the invisible cannot cease to be sensed and being at first shadow then part-sound this invisible
starts over starts over starts over

A night of enhanced light

A night that oscillates, tempting its inhabitants to take associative leaps

A nocturnal ellipsis fending off day, its words and de-fusions

Dawn is an agony of dark light understood as time re-imposing itself, a cyclical gridlock of geometry

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