Datacide 13 Record Reviews by Kovert

Noize Creator – The Future is Cancelled – Praxis 51

Crucial breakcore release from veteran producer Noize Creator who we haven’t seen a release from in a while, but who has been consistently mashing up the dance with his intense live sets. NC lays down a spacious sound across four tracks, pinning sliced breaks to solid broken rhythms, adding refined noise and details to tense atmospheres. Following Lifeform, Noize Creator’s 2012 smasher for the

Sub/Version digital division, that took it’s references from late 90s techstep, there is here also a reintroduction of ideas at a crucial time: a harsh functional sound.

V/A – CRRMMXIII – Cutting Room Records

Interesting 12 track cassette release from this new Brighton based label. Operating with, what they describe as a fully DIY ideology, and a stated intent to explore heavy sounds. We get a mixture of tracks, ranging from overdriven technoish tracks, to distorted broken beats through to guitar based hardcore. I can take or leave the punk bits, but some choice cuts come via a Vorrs remix of

Microbes ( who produced the labels first release): heavy broken beats saturated in noise in a Cloaks, or harder Somatic Responses vein, and K3 by K(no o), twisted, mechanical offbeat kicks, and harsh frequencies. Limited to 100 copies that also includes a download code.

Khan – Dread – Deep Medi 64

Big, tough dubwise cut that sees Bristol’s Khan update the Drum Song riddim,

splicing mid-eighties toasting from a Volcano soundsystem session in JA with

some serious low-end business. Gone is the polished dubstep sheen, replaced instead with a raw gritty sound helped by a grimey pitched down vocal.

DJ Future – Is it safe/ Evil palace – 117 records 03

Third release from DJ Trace’s new label following the demise of DSCI4. All releases are to be pressed on white 10″ and sold for a premium price. Future has already had a full length digital release for Danger Chamber, but this is the first of his releases to make it to vinyl. Evil Palace is super-dark jungle that draws on 90s vibes, belgian rave samples and cut-up breakage. Well worth checking.

Ruffhouse – The Foot / Bypass Ingredients – 30; Strangers / The Domino Effect – Ingredients – 34; Demand / Division iii – Ingredients – 32

Ruffhouse is a crew of three that emerged from Bristol, UK in 2012 with clear ideas of how their DnB productions should sound: minimal, dark and sub heavy with a stepping warehouse echo. Their sound is stripped right back to a spacious backbone, with solid kicks, dark sweeping pads and reverb cutting through the mix. Bypass and Demand have a nicely saturated heavy sound, But overall

perhaps Ruffhouse is more interesting for the potential their sound could have.

Digital and Spirit – A Phantom Force – Fracture’s Astrophonica remix – Phantom

Audio PHUD12001

Digital and Spirit resurrect Phantom Audio for fresh vinyl releases, with the first cut seeing the classic Phantom Force getting a wicked refix from Fracture.

Fracture leaves only snatches of the original breaks, smashing a half-stepping rhythm with punishing bass stabs.

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