Datacide 4


Zusumine has recently been outlawed in all known sectors of the outer worlds. The Inner worlds have always regarded any drug not taken anally to be illegal. For them, any human who didn’t participate in reverse enemas when partaking of their narcotics was forsaking God and should be Glasmorised immediately. [Read more →]


unique citizenship realized and spiced higher essence that pales only before the sun of the cadence of speech. caffeine linguist. having carefully edited sect tone with line which extends to the separate reels, he was about to play thee of them; [Read more →]

Datacide 4 – Record Reviews

Record review section of Datacide 4 with reviews by Flint Michigan, ATX, Eun, Kovert, Delinquent, Scud, border fox, The Reverend, and The Jackal. [Read more →]

No-Tek Interview (1998)

No-Tek: Three musicians: Gab, Fred and Cyril.
Gab scenic designer and he became soon a sound technician. Fred is the computer specialist of the team, and Cyril, who has been a guitarist, is specialised in the harmonic elements of the tracks, although they are all polyvalent. [Read more →]

Plague in this Town

Some time in 1997, the Mail on Sunday ran a tragic story. Apparently the Camorra, Naples’equivalent of the Mafia, has made the city too dangerous for English tourists who would like to gaze at its beautiful ruins. Or in other words, the Non Governmental Organization which for a century provided enough security to make heritage backpacking possible has lately adopted methods that tend to destroy passers-by. ‘We defeated the Red Brigades’, wailed the chief of Naples police, ‘but we can’t beat the Camorra because it grows out of the community. The only answer would be to bulldoze all the Camorra areas (i.e. the poorest in the city) and give them somewhere else to live.’ [Read more →]

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