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2019Datacide 18Record Reviews

Datacide 18 Record Reviews by Prole Sector

All the record reviews by Prole Sector from Datacide 18, feat. Rebekah, Keepsakes, Mickey Nox/Ike Dusk, Ansome & Ossian, Expropriation, Sawf, Drvg Cvltvre, Kwartz, Ena, Stave, Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux, The Subdermic, East Man & Walton, Katsunori Sawa, Kamikaze Space Program.

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ArticlesDatacide 17Record Reviews

Datacide 17 Record Reviews by Prole Sector

Simon Shreeve (Monic) finds his stride in techno with the 50th release from Osiris Music UK, reminiscent of transformations seen in labels like Tectonic. Ian Martin’s “Sleepwalker” offers a Carpenteresque soundscape, while VSK delivers essential Italian techno on Tommy Four Seven’s label. Death Qualia’s intricate sound design stands out, as does Boylan’s “Ghosts In The Machine” for its energy. Zuli and Mike Parker keep their respective sounds fresh and unique in experimental and industrial techno. Finally, ASC’s “Space Echo EP” brings hypnotic 170bpm beats, continuing the theme of high-quality, genre-pushing electronic music.

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