Entries from January 2011

Countdown to Datacide Eleven

We are currently adding the last finishing touches to the new print edition of datacide!
And we are preparing 2 events to launch Datacide 11: an evening of talks and a party:

Thursday, 3. February 2011 – TALKS & DISCUSSION

Cagliostro, Lenbachstr. 10, (Ostkreuz), from 17h

“333 bpm” – a sonic-fiction by Riccardo Balli
Iconographic references by: Caina
Every style in electronic music inspires a certain social behaviour, well more, it actually structures the listener’s brainframe. Do you want to know how? And, above all, do you want to smash this social brainframe down by hyper-mixing genres? Some tips on how to do this can maybe come from this fiction, a sonic one, of course!

Dance before the police come – talk by Neil Transpontine
What’s going on when police raid parties? Neil Transpontine explores the different ways laws on sex, drugs, noise, property and subversion are used to constrain dancing in the UK and across the world.

Friday, 4. February 2011 – PARTY


new datacide sticker is here!


The new datacide sticker is designed by Diskore of Darkmatter Soundsystem.

Pick up some stickers to spread around Berlin at Praxis shop/Cagliostro.

Best of 2010

datacide has compiled a list of the most extreme and dance-floor killing tracks and releases of 2010!  check it!

top 13 (no order)

v/a – Abri De Defense Passive N°14 – Cavage 14

Christoph de Babalon – A World of my Own – Restroom 12015

Cortex – Praxis 48 WL

Cindytalk – The Poetry of Decay – e.mego 112

Sudden Infant – My Life’s a Gunshot vol.1+2 1989-2009 – Hrönir 8909

Broken Note – Flood ep – adn134

Cloaks – Desolate Turves mlp -3by3.06

Kovert – Staying Human – Sub/Version digital 01

Outside Agency, Cooh, SPL
– Crossbreed Definition Series Prt 1 – Genosha 175-002

Fury Project – Toyz of Noise – Anguish Entertainment 9

R-ictus – Onanisme Rituel – Underground Perversions 7

Machine Code – Solitude – Subviolenz 5

Adjust – Release The Sharks – Low Res 023