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Without commercial magazine distribution we rely on like-minded groups and individuals, small shops and mail orders to distribute Datacide.
If you’re interested, you can either pick up copies from us in Berlin (send a mail to datacide(at) to arrange time and place) at the price of only 2 euro per copy.
If you’re in Germany the price will be 2 euro per copy plus shipping, whic
h costs anything between 1.45 to (max) 4.30 depending on the quantity. As an example 5 copies would cost 2.20 to ship, 12.20 in total.
From anywhere else in the world lots of 5 copies can be ordered at 15 euro including world wide shipping cost!
These have to be pre-paid (paypal to datacide(at), or cash). I’m afraid we won’t give bulk copies to people we don’t know well on a sale or return basis this time, after dozens of copies of the last issue simply disappeared…
Record labels, book publishers, other magazines: We will usually happily trade Datacides for your releases.
Get in touch – Thanks!

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