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These are the most read articles on this web site of 2014 – go to 2011, 2012, 2013 for previous years

1. You’re Too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a Different Time by DJ Controlled Weirdness. This nice piece on the 80’s dance underground in London is from Datacide  10, published in 2008. Not in the top 10 of 2011 it was at number 2 in 2012, and already the most read article last year! Watch out for his new article in Datacide 14 to be posted in the next couple of weeks!

2. Repression and the Riot Situation in Kamagasaki (Osaka) related to G8 Meeting by JR – an online only article from 2008 which was recently linked to from a Thai blog creating a large number of readers.

3. Anti-Semitism from Beyond the Grave – Muslimgauze’s Jihad by Christoph Fringeli. Getting read more and more – and predictably getting the usual flak by fanboys and apologists… Originally from Datacide 9 (2006)

4. Spiral Tribe Interview with Mark Harrison by Neil Transpontine. Essential interview from issue 13, 2013.

5. From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Martial Industrial by Christoph Fringeli from Datacide 11 (2011). This was the most read article in 2011, number 5 in 2012 and number 3 last year.

6. COIL – Interview from 1986 plus Introduction. Classic interview with John Balance – still the most read article on this site, but only just – You’re Too Young to Remember the Eighties is catching up fast!

7. Dope Smuggling, LSD Manufacture, Organised Crime & the Law in 1960s London by Stewart Home from Datacide 11, and in each top 10 since then…

8. Emencified Shrill Out: Nomex at the Controls by John Eden from Datacide 13. We’re deeply saddened by the death of Paul Nomex a few months after this interview was published in Datacide 13.

9. What the Fuck? – Operation Spanner by Jo Burzynska – always in the second half in this chart since 2011, this is the oldest Datacide article here – from Datacide 2, 1997 – with the exception of this year’s number 10:

10. Intelligence Is No Longer On The Side Of Power (Sadie Plant Interview by Matt Fuller, 1995) – Published in Alien Underground 0.1 (the precurser publication to Datacide).

An interesting mixture of old and new, and of course none of the contents of Datacide 14 yet – we are still in the process of posting the contents online.

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