Mind Invaders

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ed. Stewart Home
[Serpent’s Tail]
This anthology edited by Stewart Home collects a selection of material by Luther Blisset, the Neoist Alliance, the London Psychogeographical Association, A.A.A., Mandie B., Monty Cantsin, TOPY, Matt Fuller and many others, most of it was previously published in newsletters, flyers and obscure underground publications [like Alien Underground] and is destined to find a broader audience here in a captivating collection of the new skool of cultural subversion. Over 50 contributions brought together that will amaze and inspire you, from independent space exploration to exposing the “macabre occult practises of the British Royal Family” to psychogeographical pathways to worldwide communism. Well worth exploring, particularly if you haven’t collected the newsletters and small publications where these contribution are taken from.

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