almanac for noise & politics 2016

The Almanac for Noise & Politics 2016 is made up of a total of five sections that go into depth on some topics previously examined in datacide. Some of the texts have been previously published, some are new and exclusive or translations.Section 1: Nomex and the Adverse record label. Section 2: Critiques of the Left from a communist point of view. Section 3: Investigations and denouncements of far Right infiltration in popular culture. Section 4: History of the record label Vision, run by Christoph Fringeli in Basel, Switzerland from 1986 to 1992. Section 5: catalogue of our exclusive titles, back issues of datacide and available books.


almanac for noise & politics 2015

The Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015 contains a selection of articles and excerpts from various issues of datacide, as well as a peek into the activities of the Praxis label and its offshoots. This first edition is meant to be a brief introduction to the wide range of topics covered in datacide.


Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous – Datacide 1-10

This is a complete reprint of the issues 1-10 of datacide, which originally appeared from 1997-2008. Titled “EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS”, the 364 page volume collects unique material, most of which has been out of print for many years, charting a one-of-a-kind history of the counter-cultures associated with electronic music and free festivals.

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