Critical Art Ensemble
Autonomedia, 1998

Critical Art Ensemble’s first two volumes, The Electronic Disturbance and Electronic Civil Disobedience, established that they’re among the few people saying something coherent about ‘nomadic power’, and even more unusually, proposing an organizational model for resistance. Flesh Machine promises to extend their critique of techno-politics to cover bodily experience and the role of health administration.
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Virtual Government

Alex Constantine :
Virtual Government –
CIA Mind Control Operations in America
(Feral House, 1997)
Virtual Government starts where Constantine’s previous book Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. (Feral House 1995) left off. Dealing with Microwave harassment, suggesting that the False Memory Syndrome was a hoax to cover up Mind Control operations by the CIA, Non-Lethal Technology, Secret State Death Squads and the NutraSweet Conspiracy, Psychic Dictatorship provided a mixed bag of research, insights and … speculation? [Read more →]

Mediation – noise, politics & the media

Simon Reynolds : Energy Flash (Picador 1998)
Rob Young : Harder! Faster! Louder! (The Wire, Issue 176, October 1998)
Crash! (Sleazenation, Vol 2 issue 10, November 1998)
DHR Part one (self-published newsprint ‘98)

Solidified, black on white, the story becomes a history, simplified, made to fit a convenient discourse, a discourse that is primarily journalistic and has little to do with what is actually happening in the real world (a world that postmodern media types are confident doesn’t exist). [Read more →]


It seems suiting that since capitalism has erected its own code of ethics, it should continue by giving life to new archetypes. One in particular is what we will call “the contaminated hero”-an individual so sickened by the current system that they seek to wake up the masses by infiltrating mass media, and letting the truth be known. This “hero” inevitably falls all too soon into the trap of infection and degradation that only capitalism can offer. Both a new comic, Channel Zero, and Immediatism by Hakim Bey address the issue of pure intentions drained of life by the vampyric system of mass media and corporate domination. [Read more →]

Mark Curtis

The Great Deception
Pluto Press, 1998

“Our so-called foreign aid program, which is not really foreign aid because it isn’t to foreigners but aid to us, is an indispensable factor in carrying out our foreign policy”
John F.Dulles (U.S. Secretary of State), 1956

“…we get a five to one return on investment in Africa, through our trade, investment, finance and aid… We’re not aiding Africa by sending them aid. Afrika’s aiding us”
Andrew Young, U.S. representative to U.N. February 1995

Like most of the world’s population I’m not on the internet so I still need to download my information from books. This particular book is an up-to-date introduction to ‘Anglo-American Power and World Order’ (the books subtitle). The idea that the USA and the UK are currently part of the solution to the world’s horrors is the ‘Great Deception’ that Curtis begins to examine here. [Read more →]

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