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Australian label run by members of .Of God put out a slamming record of hard drum n’ bass with dominant dark overtones. .Of God is remixed by Bad Matter on Side A – a solid track that delivers what you expect. Wickedness really comes through in “Daemons Stay in Hell” by Mystification, a tortured mix of pounding beats and black metal guitar lines by Szabolcs Szakacs (also featured on another Mystification track on Hardline Twenty) that obliterates the conventional structure of hard dnb tracks and creates devious rhythms for the dance floor. Check!

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  • Excellent record mixing 4/4 breakcore with hardcore, punk, metal and other elements. GVK (Martel en tete label) creates a hard-hitting 4 tracker with diy attitude that no doubt has been heard to great effect on soundsystems traveling across Europe.
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