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[Please read as an insert to Howard Slater's "'Comrade Doctor' - On David Cooper and 'Anti-Psychiatry'"] This term, mystification, itself mystified, entered the field of psychotechnology to specifically account for indirect communicative manoevres in families and other micro-groups. Against the recuperating psychologism of such a reduction, the product of a…
  • Presentazione del numero undici della rivista internazionale Datacide Partecipano: -Cristoph Fringeli- Praxis/ Datacide -Anna Bolena- Idroscalo digitale -Fire at work- Stripe 999 -Rexistenz Crew -Marco Philopat- Happy B-day!!! Free entry
  • Saoulaterre (Cavage, Paris) Electric Kettle (Peace Off) Rokkon (Clash of the Titans) Line Destruction LT (Cagliostro) Christoph Fringeli (Praxis/Datacide) Images by Ian Liddle Video by Peter Rampazzo @ Knochenbox Boxhagener Str. 99 Berlin-Friedrichshain 23:00h // 4 € breakcore - noise - experimental - broken beats