Datacide Eighteen


Datacide Eighteen

Release date: 5 January 2020


Christoph Fringeli: Revolution and Counterrevolution in Germany 1919
Ross Wolfe: Marxism Contra Justice – A Critique of Egalitarian Ideology
Joke Lanz: Ghosts & Handbags – A short Travel Report from the Japanese Underworld
Matthew Hyland: Masterless Mouths

Three poems by Howard Slater

fiction by Dan Hekate

News roundup by Nemeton

record reviews by Low Entropy, Saxenhammer, Prole Sector, Controlled Weirdness, Christoph Fringeli

book reviews:
Neil Transpontine: A Fascist Tulpa in the White House? – Right-wing ‘Meme Magic’ and the Rise of Trump

Frankenstein, or the 8-Bit Prometheus – Micro-literature, hyper-mashup, Sonic Belligeranza records 17th anniversary by Riccardo Balli

Dale Street: Lions Led by Jackals – Stalinism in the International Brigades, by Christoph Fringeli

Christoph Fringeli: No borders, no fatherland! France – What’s New for the Left?

Activities since last issue

Lives and Times of Bloor Schleppy

graphics and illustrations by dybbuk, lesekill, Darkam, Sansculotte


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