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Autonomous Print Creations – Some Reviews from Alien Underground 0.1 (1195)

Published in 1995 in Alien Underground 0.1 (1995!! – so please note that almost all if not all the addresses of the reviewed publications are out of date, so don’t send cash or cheques, we leave the addresses as references only!)
…these print creations are cultural noises, small unexplained pockets of activity, interference to the flow of the mainstream, easy to ignore but hard to fully grasp or define… [Read more →]

Reload Interview (1995)

Reload are Mark Ptitchard and Tom Middleton. They also record under other aliases such as: Global Communication, Link, etc. Here the Sentinel talks to Mark Pritchard and tries to find out what he is thinking
ø+ sentinel
π: Pritchard
Interview published in Alien Underground 0.1 (London, spring 1995) [Read more →]

Ambidextrous Neuropraxia (AU 0.1, 1995)

Separate from the normal review section we published these record reviews by DJ Ambidextrous in Alien Underground 0.1 (spring 1995) [Read more →]

Alien Underground 0.1 Record Reviews (1995)

Record reviews from Alien Underground 0.1, the second and last issue, spring 1995, by The Warlock, Flint Michigan, Sentinel, CF and others. [Read more →]

Fight The Criminal Justice Bill (1994)

A double page spread in the first issue of Alien Underground dealt with the (then) threat of the new Criminal Justice Bill (which was to become law in as the 1994 Criminal Justice Act shortly after with minor alterations) in three sections. The first was more of an opinion piece, the second a brief rundown of central sections of the law, the third a report on (then) recent protests. Published in 1994 in Alien Underground 0.0 [Read more →]

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