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Earth – Year 2017 – The Mover (1995)


The death of the undercover agent puts the cops into a dilemma since the murder has eliminated a chain of clues necessary to track down a syndicate that specialises in extreme terror. Charlie X is chosen by inspector Rob to take up the mission and goes undercover by posing as a “hot” gun dealer. Charlie X is introduced to Mover, the leader of the syndicate, and is put through various rigorous tests under surveillance, eventually being accepted into the gang. Attempting to break into the target workshop, MOVER and his gang are ambushed by a strong police force. Being unaware of Charlie X’s identity the police shoot him spraying his abdomen and head with a thousand bullets. In the meantime MOVER and his gang successfully blast their way out of COPTRAP filling a few brains with some hot steel. Welcome to wasteland – meet the MOVER!

AU: Is it true you are making a soundtrack for an expensive sci-fi adventure?
M: Maybe! We have to see how it comes out, I’m half way through that project now and if the production crew is happy with the end result they will use it . That’s all I can tell you.

AU: I presume it has been made in the USA?
M: Yes, but don’t haggle any more, otherwise you know too much!

AU: Do you thrive on anonymity?
M: Well you know I’m a machine, I’m wired up I don’t get good feedback of humans, and anyway, stargazing is for fuckers! I’m roaming the earth and it’s nice and doomy here. The sound of MOVER should speak for itself.

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Fight The Imperial Forces – Force Inc./Riot Beats/Mille Plateaux (1995)

A label portrait of Force Inc./Riot Beats/Mille Plateaux consisting of our label questionnaire (answered by Digital Hardcore in Issue 0.0), text by Achim Szepanski, and some record reviews, published in Alien Underground 0.1 in Spring 1995 [Read more →]

All That Jazz (1995)

The powers restricting “raves” in the Criminal Justice Act are not the first authoritarian response to a dance-based culture. The association of popular dancing with sex, intoxication, and black people has made it an object of moralist suspicion at various times in history. It was the jazz dance craze which swept across much of the west that was the source of both pleasure and panic in the 1920s, as Jill Matthews told a meeting of London History Workshop (an informal group of radical historians) in November. [Read more →]

In Search of Morph

(The Morphing Culture Pt. 2)
from Alien Underground 0.1 (1995) [


>>> What follows is a magical defense system designed for party goers to use in the event of unwanted interference from the forces of law and order>>> Only use in an emergency (you know the score)>>> Begin by drawing a circle on the ground with whatever white powders are at hand>>> Everyone stand inside the circle and together chant the following words of warning>>> “We invoke Hecate three headed destroyer of every duality and Goddess of our violent revelries and all nite speedcore, acid-armed-assault parties”>>> “Oh come infernal one, Bombo, Goddess of the rib wrenching bass line and of the machinedriven mad by dreams of union of the human flesh”>>> “Cast down the defenders of faith, the body snatchers, the sex suppressors and soul breakers”>>> “Goddess, enemy of the day, friend and lover of the darkness, devotee of dirt, sweat and the unclean”>>> “Hecate, we praise thee”>>> End the chant with spontaneous noises, screams, shrieking etc.>>> Inform the guardians of authority that if they attempt to enter the circle they will be destroyed by Hecate in ways too disgusting for them to imagine>>> If the Police refuse your bidding then so shall it be done>>>

from Alien Underground 0.1 (1995)