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The wholesale packaging of electro has an inevitability of occurence that matches an inevitability of process. Whilst the machinations of cultural reterritorialisation normally offer us no new insights other than a slightly glowing, but always dying, spark of diversion - the colonisation of electro has provided (perhaps) some food for…
  • “A book is made up of signs that speak of other signs” Umberto Eco “Disinformation” records clearly aspire, like Dr Who’s Tardis, to be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, loaded with hints, clues and allusions designed to tempt listeners to investigate interesting ideas. The “Al-Jabr”…
  • Homewrecker Recordings exists on multiple levels (as label, ideology, politics and practice) in a multitude of locations (North America, Europe - the world) and amongst a multiplicity of identities (gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class...). Born of a want, a need and a desire to include the issue of “gender” and its…
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