i..n..s..i..d..e t..h..e n..i..g..h..t


i..n..s..i..d..e  t..h..e  n..i..g..h..t

In the night everyting disappears into packs

Day is where the dichotomy of light and dark reigns, but night takes the trip inside itself whispering and unushered

A continual offer of bewilderment

This is a night where the invisible cannot cease to be sensed and being at first shadow then part-sound this invisible
starts over starts over starts over

A night of enhanced light

A night that oscillates, tempting its inhabitants to take associative leaps

A nocturnal ellipsis fending off day, its words and de-fusions

Dawn is an agony of dark light understood as time re-imposing itself, a cyclical gridlock of geometry

TECHNO: Psycho-Social Tumult (Remix)

„Sound invades us, impels us, drags us, transpierces us… it takes leave of the earth…It makes us want to die. Ecstasy and hypnosis. Colours do not move a people. Flags can do nothing without trumpets”
Deleuze & Guattari – Thousand Plateaus

TechNET is a multi-personal affirmation of techno that seeks to elaborate and propel the continued outbursts of psycho-social tumult that this music is creating. Never numbered or dated, each issue of TechNET could be the first or the last. Always at a beginning and always incomplete, TechNET is a “glorified flyer” that is given away at parties, deposited in record shops and sent out along the third rail. What follows are re-mixed and re-connected compositions sampled from TechNET tracks. [Read more →]

Datacide Twelve – Introduction



The precursor to datacide is the magazine titled Alien Underground, which appeared with two issues in 1994/95. In the first issue of Alien Underground, there is a manifesto-like text signed “praxis nov. 1994” titled “Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise”. It describes “Techno” as a subversive agent that shook up cultural production, whether corporate or independent. “The industry then got the fear (…) because the principle of its organisation > the top to bottom one way transmission > got short circuited, & there was no transmitter or receiver, only a mixer & rooms full of people + noise. (…) a zone populated by savages seeking forbidden pleasures in a wasteland (…) uncontrollable and incomprehensible for teacher, cops, parents, the industry & media.” The backlash was not long to follow: “Formula were created & market research employed, documentaries were made, and laws drafted. It all needed to be brought back into the world of the spectacle, made safe for mass consumption; faces appeared, and like in a demonstration of power, talentless DJ’s were made superstars.” What we saw as raw and subversive was “streamlined for mass-brainwashing & pacification” in the form of “Nazi-Trance and Audio-Valium”. Still there was optimism: “But techno is always mutating, (…) always moving into different directions, & the time is now that transformations are under way that will lead to new places, eruptions, excess… In a situation where most of the supposedly underground parties are playing the same shit as everywhere else, where sponsorship deals + big money have moved in, a new resistance is emerging slowly>>>”.

This was also the moment when TechNET appeared. [Read more →]

Dead By Dawn: We Are Invincible (1995)

Dead By Dawn on 3rd December 1994
by The Institute of Fatuous Research
(from Alien Underground 0.1, 1995)

Dead By Dawn is a baptism by fire happening on the first saturday of every month, organised in conjunction with elaborate astrological cycles. It is an open secret, an anonymous pool of power accessible to guileless travellers of multitudinous potentiality. A new rougher and tender realm and yet another sucker on the beautifful arms of that octopus of desire called the INVISIBLE COLLEGE.

Dead By Dawn is an all-night feast of fire consumption; a self-sustaining palace of pleasure. [Read more →]

Elements Toward TechNET Track 3

TechNET was, as the review in the same issue of Alien Underground (self-ironically) stated,
“Some kind of glorified techno flyer passing itself off as a bulletin of the digital underground, argueing for techno as the locus of a new counter culture. Has too much bass gone to their heads? or are these pretentious scribblings encouragement for a tentative optimism, flight lines guiding us to a politics of desire, slippery messages concerning beautiful thought patterns possessed of the art of disappearance, theories of identity that liberate the soul in the dance of all possibilities.” We’re hoping to add other texts some time in the future, here are Elements Toward TechNET Track 3 [Read more →]

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