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Objection to Procedure Interview with Christoph Fringeli (2000)

1. Your contribution to the harsher elements of hardcore are most easily
chronicled in the progress and history of the Praxis label. Please describe
what you saw Praxis’ purpose when it began in 1992, and what you see its
purpose as now.

I had been involved with what you might call industrialnoisejazzpunknowave shit in the mid- to late 80’s, and ran a label called Vision in Basel, Switzerland, where I grew up. Around 1990 I became extremely disillusioned with the “independent” scene, as it seemed to be replicating the mechanisms and values of the major music market. This is a process that hasn’t stopped since: it’s all about commodification of young people’s creative energies, and channeling them into something that is cementing the current dominant social-relations by creating the idiotic concept of “great artists” = “stars”, and divisions between audience and performers.
When the first wave of Acid House hit (say ’87) I was quite intrigued by the DIY aesthetic and the concept of anonymous white labels, but with the exception of a small handful of tracks, such as Phuture’s Trax releases which I thought were brilliant, really fucking weird, overall there were not that many interesting tracks to support a whole new concept of use value of records, which I think really happened around ’90/91. Suddenly there were all these 12″s coming out that had a much harder sound, and I think for me personally seeing Underground Resistance in the Tresor club in Berlin was a real turning point, but it was backed up and supported by countless often anonymous producers churning out banging tracks all over the world.
By the end of 1991 I was squatting in South London and the following year the first couple of Praxis records appeared. I’d rather not try and “chronicle” Praxis here, as it had and continues to have an intense history, but to try and stay clear and short, one of the basic departure points were that I wanted to take elements of the new dance culture and push them a bit further, distort them, make them more extreme.
I was, and I’m still, particularly interested in the aspect of collective cultural creation and experience. The “artist” would no longer so much express their personal feelings towards the world and expecting to be admired for it like in rock music, but take elements others were working on and add their touch, throw it back into a collective pool; and the actual experience of the music would not so much take place in the bedroom, but at a party where a DJ would use records as raw material for his set.
Of course the existing system of record labels, distributors and media has done everything to appropriate these tendencies and recuperate them for their economy; of course the revolution has not been successful in the sense that the old concepts have been destroyed, with a lot of help by the media they survived in people’s heads. Of course there were soon DJ stars etc, but at the same time there exists a resistance network that simply produces the better, more exciting music, and it’s self-organized, autonomous and based around sound systems and small labels.
Praxis exists in this context of feedback loops between producers, sound systems, underground distribution, always trying to add a new twist to the dialectics of liberation.
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Brainstorm brings you the next installment of wicked, tortured beats and bass to help raise funds for the printing of Datacide 10. This issue of datacide will hopefully be hitting the streets in the coming months as the final stages of its production are commencing.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support Datacide. Especially to all who created the intense experience: Parataxia, Naboa, CF, Cannibals, Nemeton, Hetzer, Rokkon, Xanopticon, Rioteer and Sanscullotes, and everyone who came out to the Scharni and otherwise helped out to make the party happen.

We documented the party and here are videos of most of the artists on the lineup:

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thanks so much for everyone who played – Hecate, Autopsy Protocol, Narcopsy, Cannibal Brothers, Nemeton and CF, and everyone who came to the party!

The next Datacide party, again a fund-raiser for the printing costs of the next issue, will take place May 31 at Scharni 38 (Scharnweberstr. 38), only a few hundred yards away from the K9…

Finally we’re making real progress to get the paper issue out!

Line up of the May 31 party will include Xanopticon and Vile Enginez!! watch out for more details soon!

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Buying Xanax Online Cheapest